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Get an Extra 5% Off Welders and Welding Supplies for Veteran’s Day

Get an Extra 5% Off Welders and Welding Supplies for Veteran’s Day

Baker’s Gas and Welding is saying thank you to veterans with a special 5% discount for Veteran’s Day that will run until midnight on Wednesday, November 12th. Just place your order before midnight on the 12th and use the promo code: VETERAN14. Whether you need a new pair of welding gloves or you need a new welder for a MIG or TIG project, there are plenty of great options for welders looking to grab a great bargain.

While there are tons of welding bargains you can find on the Baker’s site during this sale, here are a few of the most highly rated, bestselling projects:

The Millermatic 252 High Output MIG Welder

This MIG welder from Miller is a heavy-duty, high powered welding machine that can handle whatever you throw at it, capable of welding between 22 gauge to ½ inch thick in a single pass, offering a ton of welding output (250 A at 28 VDC). It doesn’t just pack a lot of power though; it also has some of Miller’s most advanced features.

You’ll find an easy-to-use digital front panel that has been updated with a digital timer menu for easily setting voltage and wire feed speed. You’ll also get all of the same features you’d expect to find in a Miller welder: standard run-in, pre and post flow, and burnback protection.

Welders often have to pause on a project while welding, so Miller’s auto gun detect feature makes it easy to get right back to work by detecting and recalling all of the previous settings. You won’t have to worry about setting up the voltage, wire feed speed, or timer of your MIG gun what stopping and starting on a project.

With the new EZ-Access consumable compartment and parameter chart, you can easily set your welding parameters on the job and switch out your consumables as each project requires. This ensures you’ll have everything you need to get your MIG welding settings just right.

Lastly, Miller’s MIG welders provide Active Arc Stablizing that minimizes your clean up on the job. A stable arc provides a cleaner, more accurate weld. In addition, if your welder’s voltage varies by 10%, more or less, the line voltage compensation feature will keep your arc stable while on the job.

Learn more about the Miller 252 MIG Welder.

Tillman Goatskin Work Gloves

When you’re setting up your shop, cutting metal, or prepping a surface for welding, you don’t want to take a chance of puncturing your welding gloves. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep a pair of Tillman’s bestselling (customer favorite) Goatskin work gloves handy in your shop.

These gloves are made from top grain goatskin that provides excellent grip and abrasion resistance. The nylon spandex on the back of the glove provides a snug but comfortable fit that eliminates any extra material. The thumb is also reinforced with extra padding since that’s where most gloves wear out.

Learn more about Tillman Goatskin Work Gloves today

Miller’s Digital Elite Welding Helmet

Miller’s top welding helmet provides superior protection in a welding shop for a variety of welding, grinding, or cutting applications and in any position. You’ll be able to switch between welding shades (8-13), cutting shades (5-8), grinding mode (shade 3), and X-Mode for out of position welds, ensuring that you’ll never get flashed.

The Digital Elite works with a wide variety of headgear and accessories so that you can adapt it to a hard hat or add a cheater lens. It offers a huge 9.22 square inch viewing area and a three-year warranty.

Learn more about Miller’s Digital Elite Welding Helmet.

The Millermatic 211 MIG Welder

We often mention deals on the Millermatic 211 MIG welder because it provides a ton of power and comes with excellent time saving features such as auto-set, a new feature that sets the parameters for your materials based on the material thickness. In fact, you’ll have enough power (230 V) to weld 3/8 inch materials in a single pass.

If you have aluminum to weld, you can get right to work with the new Spoolmate 100 Series spool gun that allows you to weld aluminum between 18 guage and 3/8 inch.

If a welding torch tip becomes shorted to the work, Miller’s exclusive Tip Save protection prevents short-circuiting by shutting down the output. This presents damage to your work piece and tip. However you can get right back to work with the trigger reset feature that maintains your settings on the welding machine.

Learn more about the Millermatic 211 MIG Welder Today.

Pick Up Discounted Welders and Welding Supplies Today!

Now is the time to get the best deals on welding gear and welding machines! This Veteran’s Day offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. This deal ends Wednesday 11/12 at midnight. If you want to check availability or need any other further info on any of these products, please Contact Baker’s.

Visit the Veteran’s Day Sale Today!

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