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Get a $60 Rebate On Speedglas Welding Helmets

Your welding shop is about to get a whole lot more comfortable with the latest welding helmets from Speedglas that specialize in comfort and durability for a long day in the shop, while also providing an excellent viewing area. Speedglas welding helmets have been tested and approved by experts who have ensured that the helmet will not cause discomfort at key pressure points or lead to fatigue. In fact, Speedglas welding helmets can be worn all day no matter what you’re working on.

Now through October 31st, you can pick up a Speedglas helmet with a $40-$60 rebate depending on the model you purchase. You can buy a Speedglas helmet right now at Baker’s Gas and Welding or you can read on about the advantages of a Speedglas welding helmet (particularly the 9100 and related models in this post).

More Options for Your Welding Work

Whether you’re starting a welding project from scratch by grinding metal and making cuts or you’re getting right to work with MIG or TIG welder, Speedglas helmets offer a wide variety of shade options that you won’t find in many other welding helmets: A grinding shade 3. Gas welding shade 5. Micro-plasma welding shade 8. Arc welding shades 9 through 13.

Since Speedglas helmets are so comfortable, you can wear them for long periods of time and get a ton of work done in your shop without having to stop or to switch head gear.

Safe and Versatile Welding Helmets

One of the first things most welders notice about a Speedglas welding helmet is the wide viewing area that makes it extremely easy to see all of your work piece without any obstructions. In fact, the viewing area measures over 4” wide on most of the top end Speedglas helmets. That’s a really big viewing area!

In addition, Speedglas offers side-viewing areas that enable you to see around your work site. If you’re working around heavy machinery, hazardous materials, or fellow workers who may not pay attention to your location, it can help to have a little peripheral vision to keep track of everything. Not a fan of side viewing areas? You can just insert panels to cover them up.

While you’ll get more viewing area on a Speedglas helmet, you’ll also get plenty of safety, as it’s designed from durable materials that can handle whatever a job site throws at them. They meet the mechanical strength requirements of EN 1 levelBand ANSI Z8 .1- 00, so you can trust that your helmet is up for the job.

Welders who work on construction sites will be glad to know that Speedglas helmets offer all of the adaptations they’ve come to expect from a top of the line welding helmet, include a hard hat adaptor and a cheater lens .

Excellent Neck Coverage

Perhaps we don’t talk enough about the importance of a welding helmet covering your neck. I think we can all say we’d rather not get hit with a spark in the throat. A sunburn on the neck can be just as unpleasant. Both can happen if your welding helmet doesn’t offer enough coverage on your neck.

Speedglas welding helmets extend far enough down and around your neck so that you won’t have to worry about sparks or burns on the front or side of your neck while you work. They keep you covered without weighing you down with added bulk. It weighs in at 20 oz., so you won’t have to worry about neck strain or neck burns.

A Breathable Welding Helmet

You may notice that welding helmets can get a bit stuffy if you’re working in a warm room or outside in the heat. In addition, each breath you take can fog up the viewing area and add to the discomfort. Speedglas helmets specialize in breathability so that you have excellent air flow and unimpeded vision while you work.

Comparing SpeedGlas to Other Welding Helmets

Speedglas rates well in comparison to other welding helmets, and it can handle most standard welding jobs just as well or better than the leading helmets on the market. However, welders will want to investigate a few features that Speedglas does not include: solar power and a fourth censor.

For many welders, these features are just luxuries. Solar power keeps your helmet charged up all day and a fourth sensor is mainly useful when welding out of position, and it would take a rather extreme out of position weld to miss all three sensors on a Speedglas helmet!

The larger viewing area and comfortable fit of a Speedglas helmet may be all that you need to know to pick up a new Speedglas helmet. In addition, Baker’s discounted price, free shipping, and additional rebate makes this a really affordable deal for a brand new, top of the line welding helmet.

Pick up your Speedglas Welding Helmet Today! 

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