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Freeze Your Credit Card: Welding on a Budget


Times are tough – making the impact on our wallets even tougher – but life keeps going. Here are some project ideas and cheap/discounted welding equipment and supplies to help you shave off a buck or two from those expensive welding projects.

Cheap Welding Projects

WeldingTipsandTricks.com has a whole section of their website dedicated to cheap welding projects. You can view projects from other welders, rate those projects, and even submit your own projects. Some of the simple, practical, and cheap projects you can find include:

Mobile Pet Enclosure – If your dog loves riding in the back of a pickup, this project will give Fido a little more security than before.

Nickle-Cadmium Battery Welder – Yep, this guy made a battery-powered welder.

Redneck Barbecue Grill – Get a jumpstart on next summers grillin’ days with this welding project.

6″ Drain Pipe Trencher for Excavator – For those needing a less backbreaking means of laying down drain pipe

Welded Trailer Hitch Mount (5 Gallon Gas Can Carrier)
For a way to haul full gas cans outside of your vehicle


Cheap/Discounted Welding Equipment and Supplies

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that September is Lincoln Month at Baker’s and the month is almost over, taking Baker’s September specials with it. For those of you in the dark, here are just a few of the items that you can get for a discounted price at BakersGas.com



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