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Find Video Reviews of Welders and Low Prices at the New Baker’s Website

Find Video Reviews of Welders and Low Prices at the New Baker’s Website

Thanks to the newly redesigned Baker’s Gas and Welding website, there’s now an easier way to find the best prices on welders, the most comprehensive welder review videos, and the best welding gear and welding supplies that match perfectly with each welding machine.

From established welding industry leaders like Miller, Lincoln, and ESAB to the rising innovators like Fronius, Baker’s offers a complete guide to making the absolute best welding machine purchase or finding the ideal welding helmet for your specific needs at the right price. Here are a few features to check out on the new Baker’s website.

Log In to Save More on Welders

The new Baker’s website offers the option to login and create your own account. This ensures that you won’t miss any of the promotions and savings available, as well as special offers just for those who have an account.

If you’re regularly ordering welding supplies, welding gloves, or welding safety gear, having an account saves you from entering your payment and shipping information every time you place an order.

Thanks to password managers, it’s easier than ever to create and save your login and password information right in your Internet browser, so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of your password and login information.

Slide into the Hottest Welding Deals Right Off the Top

The sliders across the top of the Baker’s website ensure you don’t have to look hard for savings on welders, including the best rebates and price slashes on Baker’s Bundles that start you off with all of the electrodes and consumables you need to strike your next arc.

These rebates include name brand, top of the line machines like the Miller Trailblazer and the massive Miller Build with Blue rebate promotion that covers many of Miller’s most popular welding machines. If you’re looking for the Millermatic or Multimatic lines of welders, that is the link you’ll want to click on.

ESAB’s line of Rebel welders, including the Rebel 205, are part of another popular promotion with ESAB’s Burn and Earn rebate. You can save $200 on a welder a pick up a free package of supplies and consumables.

If you’re interested in more savings, just click on the arrow on the side of the slider image to find more of the best savings. If you scroll down the Baker’s home page, you’ll find even more deals and video reviews of the best-selling products that answer the most common customer questions.

Find Video Reviews of Welders and Welding Helmets in One Place

The comment section on the Baker’s blog, social media replies, and customer inquiries in the Baker’s store locations all provide really helpful clues into the most pressing questions from customers.

Most recently, the experts at Baker’s have been replying via video reviews to customer questions about which welding helmet is the best value, how to choose between Miller’s Multimatic line and the ESAB Rebel line of multi-process welders, and whether the new Fronius welders match up to their hype.

As you check out the products on sale at the Baker’s website, there are links to all of the extensive review videos that will ensure you can find the absolute best deal on the welding equipment or welding machine that matches your needs perfectly. You may be surprised at just how many welders have the same questions you do!

Find the Weld My World Archives

The Weld My World blog has also been relocated to the new Baker’s website. You can find it when you scroll down on the home page or you can visit it directly via this link. The Baker’s team will be adding links to our product overviews, weekly welding roundup about welding job and welding education opportunities, and welding project guides.

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