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Female Welder Heading to Nationals

Female Welder

Welding is a male-dominated field. Very few women choose to make welding their career. Some women believe that it is a career that a woman cannot do because they cannot handle the equipment or conditions. Other women feel that they cannot have a career in welding and still be considered a “real” woman with children and a family. Some feel the competition is too great, that male coworkers will never accept them, and that they cannot handle such a field.

Yet there are some women who are pushing past the stereotypes and finding they can have excellent welding careers. Younger women are being inspired by them to go for their dreams in this field. One such young woman is Christy Bowers.

A junior at North Platte High School in Nebraska, Christy is a girl who plans to have a great career in art with welding or a great career welding with her welding artwork as an enjoyable hobby on the side. She's one of 16 welding students who will be heading to Kansas City, Missouri for the National Skills USA competition that is being held June 19-24. Skills USA is an organization lead by students that focuses on career preparation in order to help students find careers in fields they enjoy while helping to lessen the critical shortage of skilled labor in the country.

Students who make it to the national competition have proven that they are employable. Students learn from the companies who help sponsor the competition and also learn about the industries that they can pursue for their career. It is a great experience for students, and with the demand for welders, it is an excellent way to help them learn the leadership skills and prepare them for the working world, whether it's in art or industry.

Christy is excited about the competition. She won the statewide competition, and thus the right to attend nationals, in welding art sculptures. She was one of just two women who attended the statewide competition. At the national competition will be winners from each state and several of the US territories.

Christy enjoys using welding for her artwork and finds that it is much more exciting than drawing. She is not content with just being a hobby welder either. Christy is planning to attend Central Community College in Hastings, Nebraska to study welding and diesel technology. She is a great example of how more and more women are finding the fun and possibility that exists in the welding field.

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