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Fall Welding Projects: The Simple, the Challenging, and the Rebar

Rebar Pumpkin

The leaves are falling and so are the prices on welders, plasma cutters, and torch cutting sets at Baker’s Gas and Welding. If you wanted to try your hand at some fall welding projects, the versatility of the ESAB Rebel or the Miller Multimatic will serve you well as you experiment with switching between TIG welding and MIG welding in your shop. If any season has the most possibilities for simple welding projects for beginners, it may be the fall. 


Here are some of the best fall welding projects we found online. You may need to pick up some primer and paint for some of these projects if you want to get the best possible finish. But if you’re looking to see what you can do with a torch and welder, we’ve got plenty of projects to get you started. Let’s start out with a few easy projects and work our way to the more challenging ones.

Rebar Pumpkin Welding Projects

Rebar is nothing fancy, and no one would blame you if you never thought about welding it. But with a bit of heat, a good cleaning, and some well-placed tack welds, you can shape rebar into a pumpkin, gourd, and whatever else you prefer for the fall season. 

Keep in mind that rebar tends to have a good bit of rust, so the prep work will be essential for creating a long-lasting and beautiful welding project. Be sure to look into the best finishes you can apply after shaping and welding. 

If you want to take this project up a level, consider adding a stand or a coil at the foundation of the pumpkin for a candle. A thick metal wire can be twisted or coiled at the top as a vine from the pumpkin patch as well. 

What we love about this project is how cheap and simple it is while still resulting in a really sharp project at the end of the day. 


Horseshoe Pumpkin Welding Project


If shaping and painting a bit of rebar isn’t up your alley, we have another simple welding project that uses horseshoes. Just clean their edges, space them out, and get welding on a level surface. There really isn’t too much to this one! 

Add your own personal touch at the end by chopping the end from an extra horseshoe and attach it to the top as a stem. Wrap things up by painting or adding another finish. You may not win any prizes with this simple project, but if you want to get the feel of your welder and try out the basics of welding, this is a great place to start. 

Personalized Pumpkin Welding Project

Taking your fall welding up a level, this decorative monogrammed welding project could be the perfect gift for a friend or family member. You’re going to need a steady hand to cut the steel and then tack weld it together, but there’s no denying that the finished product will be well worth your time and effort. 


TIG Welding the Perfect Aluminum Pumpkin

If you’re looking for a more ambitious welding project that comes with a step-by-step timelapse video, this is the fall welding project for you. Starting with an aluminum pipe that is sliced and diced, you’ll learn to TIG weld it together to make the perfect pumpkin. 

You’ll probably get the best cuts if you use a table saw for this project, as you need to get your angles right if you want it to fit together. 


Leaf Fire Pit Welding Project

If you just need a bit of inspiration to get your plasma cutter and welding machine going on a project, consider this fire pit welding project that includes sheet metal cut into leaf patterns. You’ll need enough sheet metal to shape a base that will be sturdy enough to hold the leaves into place, especially if you’re tossing logs into the fire. 

This project is especially useful if you’re looking for something that has a bit of flare for the fall but can be used year-round. 



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