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Fall and Halloween Welding Projects

Fall and Halloween Welding Projects

As the summer winds down and breeze turns cooler, the porches and front doors of your neighborhood transform too. Although Halloween is still a solid month away, the time to deck your home with pumpkins and ghosts has arrived. True, you can head to the store for some big-box decorations, or you can head to your welding shop to whip up something truly unique.

3 Pumpkin Welding Projects

Nothing says fall or suits the autumn months quite like pumpkins. The shape of a pumpkin is relatively easy to create. Here are 3 ways to go about it:

Chain Pumpkin Welding Project

The simple outline of a pumpkin can be created using tack welded lengths of chain. Start your pumpkin by tack welding evenly cut lengths of ¼ inch chain around a small metal circle, this will be the base of your project. Next, shape each chain by tack welding them into place as the outside ridges of your pumpkin (use a template to achieve uniformity.) When you’re finished, join each ridge together at the top by welding it to a stem of metal tubing or curved sheeting. Finish by spray painting the base orange and you’re all set!

Chain Pumpkin

Horseshoe Pumpkin Welding Project

Who doesn’t love a good horseshoe project? To create a pumpkin from this easy-to come-by welding material, start by gathering 9 discarded horseshoes. Attach 8 of your shoes at the base with even spacing to create your pumpkin. Cut a small amount off the side of your 9th horseshoe to create your stem before finishing with spray paint.

Spider Pumpkin Stand Welding Project

Don’t banish your pumpkins to the ground, instead create a long-legged stand to show off your carved creations. This project can be made entirely from rebar or sturdy metal tubing. You’ll need 8 metal legs, all the same size for balance. Each leg will be made from two pieces of metal; one long, one short. Weld your two leg pieces together at approximately a 45˚ angle and repeat this step 8 times. Next, bend and create a circle for your center, big enough to hold a pumpkin, but not so big that it falls through.

Welded pumpkin spider

Propane Tank Jack-O-Lantern Welding Project

We’ve all seen what happens to a carved pumpkin after Halloween. In about a week or so it will be covered in moldy black spots, and the longer you leave it, the grosser it will get. All that hard work just rotting on your front step. This year, try carving a jack-o-lantern that will last by safely converting an empty propane tank into a spooky, silly or classic carved pumpkin. Your plasma cutter will help you make fast work of this project; simply cut the top off as you would any pumpkin and carve the face or shape you have in mind. Be sure to grind down the edges of your cuts so no curious trick-or-treaters go home with band-aids instead of candy.

Yard Turkey Welding Project

Welcome a season of thanksgiving by welding a one-of-a-kind turkey sculpture for your front yard. This piece is all about creative repurposing of found materials, so use your imagination for supplies! For example: You can start with a propane tank for the body, and create the legs from rebar. A hook works well for the head and the tail feathers and wings could be welded from washers, fan blades, grates, sheet metal or whatever you dream up.

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