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Fact or Fiction: Welding Has an “Image” Problem

Fact or Fiction? written on a wall

What do I mean when I say “image?” Image is the picture that immediately pops up in your mind when you think of any subject, in this case welding. For welders, the image can be a number of thoughts: from hard yet rewarding work, to a process that is easy and fun. For non-welders, the image of welding is a bit more complicated:

  • Some may see welding as a man’s job, like what is typically thought of jobs in the engineering category.
  • Some may not understand what the appeal to welding is. It looks complicated, dangerous, and difficult to learn.

Like with all occupations, looking at welding from an outsiders perspective is going to produce ideas that are far from the truth. Regardless of the varying opinions, what do welders think? Fact or fiction: does welding have an image problem? If so, what is it?


You can’t exactly prove that this is a fact or fiction situation, but according to a poll on WeldingJobs.com, welding does have a problem. Over 15,000 votes are divided on just what that problem is:

24% (that’s 3,374 votes) think welding is taken for granted until problems come up

15% think the problem is that professionals without formal education or training are in the field

14% are irritated that welding professionals are passed over for the CEO positions

11% think that hiring managers “just don’t get it.” I’m not really sure what the it is.

10% feel there is a lack of educators for welding

The remaining 26% are split between thinking:

Scientists and the manufacturing field need to work together

Welding cost reduction programs are an issue

Welding titles are too confusing – welders, inspectors, engineers, etc.

And 2% think this is all fiction. WELDING HAS NO PROBLEM.

Do you think welding has an “image” problem? If so, what's the main issue?

Dylan Brown


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