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FABTECH Welding Conference


Welding is a field that is growing by leaps and bounds every year. And it is not just the number of welders that is growing: there are new technologies that are being designed every year to not only help welders do a better job, but to do it easier and in ways that no one thought possible. It is important to keep on top of the changes that are occuring in the field, and what better place to find out more about technological advances that at a conference designed around them?

On November 14, 2011 the Welding Technology to the Rescue conference will begin in Chicago, Illinois at FABTECH located at McCormick Place. This is an exciting conference that is sure to be interesting and informative for everyone who attends, from an entry-level welder to a seasoned professional educator. The conference will last for three days, from November 14 to November 17.

The conference will take a look at the new technological advances and the research that has brought them about in the industry. The research into these new technologies have shown that they will have numerous effects. In some cases, the advances in technology will lead to better productivity. In other cases, these advances will lead to a reduction in costs, something that everyone can appreciate. Welders will see how new technology will lead to better quality and also see the solutions to some of the problems that have plagued welders for years. The new developmental trend brings more science into the welding field, and with it an even better career.

The cost to attend the conference is a bit less than the cost of some of the other conferences. For those who are members of AWS, CCAI, FMA, SME, or PMA, the cost will be $345. For those who are nonmembers, the cost will jump to $480. A conference such as this is a great way for welders to get a jump on the new innovations that are coming their way. It's a good way for educators to see what they will need to begin teaching and for business owners to get a glimpse at what they can do to enhance their businesses. Scientists are working hard to try and improve the job for welders all over the world, and it is exciting to see what they are coming up with after all the years of research that have been done.

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