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Explosive Welding


Explosive welding is a welding process that uses a controlled detonation to join two metals together at high pressure which results in a durable metallurgical bond.  This process is most commonly used to join carbon steel with a thin layer of corrosion resistant material.  This process is not recommended for use when intricate cuts are required. 

Explosive welding allows for the joining of two metals that couldn’t be welded using typical methods of welding.  This process does not melt any of the metal that is being worked with; it instead creates a strong and durable bond.  The process of explosive welding creates a plasticized effect to the metal that was joined.  This method of welding is similar to non-fusion welding techniques like friction welding. 

This method of welding allows for larger pieces of metal to be joined that normally wouldn’t be possible to work with.  Explosive welding provides a very quick and clean weld due to the fact that the metals being joined are forcefully expelled during the welding process.  Because of the inability of many welders to work with large pieces of metal in a regular setting, many companies are seeing the importance of explosive welding techniques and are beginning to use them more every day.

Because of the nature of this welding process, an extensive knowledge of explosives is required.  Because many welders do not typically deal with explosives this is a highly specialized field of welding.  If you are considering a career in explosive welding, a background in explosives will be vital to your success in this field.  This is not a career choice for any welder just beginning in their career, extensive training and education is required to perform this technique in the manner required.



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