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Nascar Race

Do you love the thrill of auto racing? Do you enjoy watching the race and wish you could somehow be a part of it? Ever wanted to be right in the middle of the excitement? How about being a valuable member of a NASCAR or IndyCar crew?

As a welder, you can be. There has never been a better time to be a welder than now. With a shortage of skilled labor such as welders all over the country, a welder pretty much can pick and choose where they want to work and what they want to do. Welders can choose to work anywhere in the world on offshore rigs, with the military, underwater, with aerospace companies, and even join in the fun of auto racing.

It is critical for companies such as NASCAR to have a team of highly skilled welders. Why? Just like passenger cars, race cars have many welds. In fact, race cars may have thousands of welds. Each one is a critical part of the car. Hundreds of hours are spent by NASCAR teams welding the frames, middle sections, and rear and front clips that every car kit frame is made up of. The integrity of the welds is crucial because the frames are under a lot of pressure from extreme conditions and speeds.

The technology that is embedded in race cars is growing ever more complex, with materials that are more exotic, lighter, and stronger. The need for welders in the racing field is growing by leaps and bounds every single year. A welder can find work year round at top race shops which employ several welders to design, weld, and then test the cars that the drivers use in the race. Every driver uses nearly a dozen cars in order to get through a full season of racing.

If you are a professional welder and want a change of pace in your career or a hobbyist who would love to leave your regular job for something as exciting as working with NASCAR, there is a job for you with the welding teams who help the racers. You would be responsible for the safety of the drivers, designing new cars, and watching your driver win.

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