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In the early years of welding, electric welding machines were only used for industrial processes.  With advances in modern technology, electric welders have become a tool for use in small businesses and homes.  The sizes of electric welding machines have also changed over the years with some being as small as a twelve pack cooler and able to be used simply by plugging it in to a wall socket.  All electrical welding machines perform the same tasks no matter what size they are; they are used to melt pieces of metal in order to join them by creating a weld.

Electric welders are used in many different areas of industrial work from automobile repairs to the production of refrigerators and stoves that we use in our homes every day.  The automobile industry regularly uses welding to construct the metal frames of automobiles. This process is primarily carried out by automating the process so that it can be done using robots.  This method of production is also used in the manufacturing of many household appliances such as dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators.  The use of electric welding in these areas allows for mass quantities to be produced in a fraction of the time it would take if the welding was being performed by humans.

Electric welders all perform the same basic function; they output a low voltage alternating current also known as AC at a high level of amperage.  The voltage produced ranges from 24 to 50 volts AC while the current can range from 20 amperes to as much as five hundred amperes.  This high current can be seen as the blue arc of a welder.  This arc is used to heat the metal to a high temperature where a puddle of molten metal is formed.  A filler metal is then used to fill in any gaps that have occurred due to the melting process.

The most common electric welder in use today is the arc welder.  This electric welding machine uses a stick electrode to conduct the electricity to the work piece and melts it at the same time to fill in the gaps created during the process.  A wire feed machine requires the use of a roll of wire which feeds through a tube onto the pieces of metal that are being welded together.  The welder operates this type of process by pressing a button on the welding torch which then feeds the wire into the blue arc and fills any voids between the two pieces of metal being welded. 

Small welding shop operators and some homeowners can benefit from owning an electric welding machine.  Owning your own machine will allow you to repair items around the home or can be used create small decorative pieces for the yard.  If you are a serious do-it-yourselfer you may want to consider purchasing a small electric welder for your own personal use.  There are many different types of projects where a small electrical welder can come in handy.

Electrical welding machines should only be operated by someone who has experience working with them.  Welding is not something a beginner should attempt without first receiving  some type of training.  There are certain safety measures that need to be followed before anyone strikes their welding torch.  The proper safety gear should be worn at all times, and the act of welding should only be performed in an area specifically designated as a welding zone.  Welding can be a very hazardous activity and should only be performed by those experienced in the process.



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