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Discounted Welding Gloves on Sale

Discounted Welding Gloves on Sale

High quality welding gloves are one of the most important investments you can make with your welding equipment, second only to a welding helmet. Your gloves both keep your hands safe while you work and provide the flexibility you need to weld effectively. Cut corners on the price of your gloves, and you’ll put your hands (and livelihood!) in jeopardy. Cut corners on flexibility, and you’ll spend more time grinding down poor welds.

Here’s a snap shot at the various welding gloves on sale as well as a special welding safety package that may be perfect for your shop.

Tillman Work Gloves

Tillman’s cowhide work gloves and goat skin work gloves are among the bestselling products at Baker’s  Gas and Welding. They’re versatile and durable for a wide variety of projects around your shop. The cowhide gloves will be a little thicker and may better if you’re worried about puncturing your gloves. The goat skin gloves will be a slightly thinner leather that provides excellent flexibility when you’re at work.

Why do you need work gloves in addition to welding gloves?

Assuming you don’t have $10 to shell out every day, using welding gloves for other projects around the shop could damage your welding gloves. Don’t risk your welding gloves when you’re handling metal with jagged edges or wood with nails or screws sticking out. A hole in your welding gloves could give you the wrong kind of “hot hand”…

Tillman MIG Welding Gloves

Tillman’s MIG welding gloves come in a variety of materials such as deerskin, pigskin, and cowhide, with each providing different levels of flexibility and protection depending on what you need while you’re welding. MIG gloves tend to be an in-between glove since the process can be get hot, but not as hot and full of spatter as stick welding. You’ll need heavy duty gloves, but not quite the same
level of protection as stick welding.

Tillman Stick Welding Gloves

The best stick welding gloves will be heavy duty and thick enough to provide a high level of protection on both your hands and forearms. Tillman’s Elk and pigskin stick welding gloves receive some of the best reviews on the Baker’s Gas and Welding website, making them an excellent investment for your home or shop welding projects.

Tillman TIG Welding Gloves

Tillman’s TIG welding gloves also come in a variety of materials, including pigskin, kidskin, and goatskin. The best TIG gloves will provide the comfort and flexibility you need while feeding the filler metal into your weld puddle with one hand. Goatskin is particularly popular because it provides that kind of flexibility without compromising on safety while you work.



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