Different Types of Electric Welders

Welding has evolved in many different ways since it was first invented hundreds of years ago.  It is now not uncommon for ordinary homeowners to own an electric welder.  Electric welders have become more popular since they have become so easy to transport from one location to another.  Welders find the ease of portability better when they need to take their welding machine with them.  Because most electric welders can be powered by a common electrical socket, electric welding machines can be used virtually anywhere.  There are a number of different types of electrical welders to choose from, we are going to explain the difference and the primary use of each of these different types.

  • Arc Welder – An arc welder, or stick welder, is probably the most common type of electric welder.  An arc welder uses the power supply to create an arc between the electrode and the base metal.  This process effectively causes the material to melt once it reaches the welding point.  Arc welders are also popular due to their ease of use and affordability.  Arc welders can typically be purchased in any home improvement store.
  • MIG Welder – A MIG welder or Metal Inert Gas welder is popular among welders because they are capable of providing a lot of power for not a lot of money.  MIG welder’s are powered from an electrical power source and are relatively easy to use.  These types of welding machines are popular among auto repairmen welder’s who require a bit more power.
  • TIG Welder – A TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welder requires the use of a tungsten electrode to produce the arc.  A TIG welder is powered by a constant current power source that allows the arc to stay steady while welding is being performed.  This welding process requires experience in constantly maintaining the arc.
  • Spot Welder – Spot welding is the most common method used to join sheets of metal using a concentrated burst of energy focused on one spot.  To perform spot welding you place the pieces of metal being welded between two copper electrodes which are used to produce a jolt of electrical current.  This method of welding is commonly used when a weld needs to be performed on one specific spot.  This method of welding doesn’t cause the entire piece of metal to heat up, only the area where the weld is being produced.
  • Stud Welder – A stud welder is used to weld a specific bolt or nut into another metal.  This method of welding is used when a welder needs to create a solid structure where it is not possible to suffer bolt or nut fatigue.  These types of welders are relatively small due the nature and location of the welds.

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