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Detroit AutoRama 2020 Highlights

Detroit AutoRama 2020 Highlights
Baker's teamed up with Miller Electric this past weekend at AutoRama in Detroit. The weekend was chalked full of hot rods and hot welds! Check out some of the photos below.
AutoRama 2020 Baker's Gas Miller Roadshow
We had a huge line up of machines for show attendants to try out, some of the machines that we were demoing included the Millermatic 255 Pulsed MIG Welder, Dynasty 280 DX, and the new Syncrowave 300!
Millermatic 255 w/ Digital Elite Vintage Roadster helmet
The customer favorite was definitely the Millermatic 255. We were pulse-migging with the unit mostly, but we also hooked up the Aluma-Pro MIG Gun.
Pulsed MIG with the Millermatic 255
Welding together metal coupons is always fun, but for the show, Baker's and Miller teamed up to get some Miller Electric branded hitch covers pieced out for attendees to weld up! We think that they turned out pretty great! Check them out below. For the aluminum hitch covers, we were using a 4043 TIG rod and both the Miller Dynasty 280 DX as well as the Syncrowave 300. For the steel hitch covers, we used the pulse MIG setting on the Millermatic 255 with an ER70S6 MIG wire from Hobart.
Miller Electric Hitch Covers
Josh Welton from Brown Dog Welding, LLC joined us on Saturday to hang out and demo the new Syncrowave 300 TIG welder. Josh is native to Detroit and has an awesome fab shop and art studio. If you want to check out some of his projects and see some of the awesome work he is doing with his "Still Building America" initiative, check out his website here, or follow him on Instagram @welderassasin. As if he doesn't have enough of a resume, he even recently sold one of his projects to Neo from The Matrix! Check it out here.
Josh Welton from Brown Dog Welding
On Sunday, Wes from Wicked Welding & Fabrication joined us to help out and demo the Millermatic 255. He personally has a Millermatic 255 and said that he loves using the pulse mig feature due to the fact that it doesn't throw and spatter and will not blow through lighter guage material that he is welding. Wes runs his Millermatic over 30 hours a week in addition to his other machines, and he had nothing but great things to say about it.
Wicked Welding and Fabrication - Wes
 You can also follow him on Instagram here. He is located in Grand Blanc, MI, so if you need any work done by a pro, be sure to hit him up!
Wicked Welding and Fabrication - Push Pull MIG gun Miller
We had welders of all ages come by the booth to chat and try out the machines.
Kid with MIG GunAutorama 2020
Want to come meet us at an event? Be sure to follow us on Instagram here, and stay up to date with any event or promotions! To follow along the AutoRama show, view their website here.

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