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Deck the Halls with These 5 Welding Projects

Deck the Halls with These 5 Welding Projects

We’d all like to be the person who has their entire house decorated and their shopping list ticked off by December 1st. The reality, however is that come mid-December, most of us are still decking the halls and hitting the stores, both online and brick-and-mortar. If you’re still working through your Holiday plans, Baker’s Gas and Welding has some welding project ideas to help gift and decorate with style.

 We’ve combed the internet to find 5 Christmas welding projects you can easily complete in an afternoon. These ideas will have you gifting unique pieces that don’t blow your Christmas budget all while showing off your welding skills to your friends and family.

Christmas Tree Welding Projects

There are as many ways to weld Christmas trees as there are versions of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Your imagination is your only true limit on this project, but here are a few ideas in case you’re feeling stuck: Start by welding a tree stand out of wrought iron or even rebar and attach a long, straight piece to act as the trunk.

Create your branches out of the same material in decreasing lengths as you go up, attaching needles and branches in an almost snowflake formation. Add a welded star to the top to finish it off. You can also use a similar technique, but with curved pieces instead of straight branches or even swap your material for something unexpected like barbed wire or horseshoes.

Christmas Ornament Welding Projects

Create a simple and rustic Christmas ornament by welding together metal materials in various shapes. For example, weld nails into a star or snowflake pattern and add some twine or ribbon to hang it on the tree. You can also try creating a star out of an old bicycle chain or even weld a snowman out of nuts and bolts. If you’re skill at bending metal tubing, try welding an angel or a spiral Christmas tree to add a personal touch to your holiday decorating.

Welded Christmas Card Hanger Welding Project

Need a place to hang your Christmas cards? Take 3 pieces of metal tubing, 2 long and one shorter and weld the shape of a Christmas tree. Add pieces of wire or twine and some clothespins to create a wall hanging or even a free-standing place to display your Christmas cards.

Junk Gear Snowmen Welding Project

For a whimsical tabletop decoration that works for your end table or your front porch, salvage 3-5 old gears or even metal wheels. Welding them one on top of another in descending order according to size. Create a base and a stately top hat from other found material to finish off and paint, if desired and add a fabric scarf to complete your take on Frosty the snowman.

Horseshoe Reindeer Welding Project

For a playful Christmas piece, gather some old horseshoes to create a welded reindeer. This can be done as both a wall-hanging and as a free-standing welding project. You’ll need 6 horseshoes for either project.

To create the wall-hanging deer, weld 2 horseshoes end to end to create the reindeer head. Create your antlers by welding 2 more horseshoes on each side in a side-by-side pattern before finishing with 2 washers for the eyes and perhaps a red Rudolph nose. To make a table top, or standing horseshoe reindeer, weld 2 horseshoes end to end to create the body of your deer. Next, weld a horseshoe at the front and back of the body with the “feet” of the horseshoe angled down to create legs.

To create the head of your reindeer, tack weld another horseshoe to the body with the feet of the horseshoe facing the rear of your deer. Finish by adding antlers with one last upside-down horseshoe and use a scrap of metal or a piece of the horseshoe for the tail.

Welding Supplies on Sale

Before you head to your shop to strike an arc and get started, head on over to Baker’s Gas and Welding for all the tools and equipment you’ll need. With fast and free shipping on qualifying orders. Baker’s is your one-stop, online welding shop. We can also help you finish shopping for all the welders on your Christmas list. We stock everything from welding machines and plasma cutters to aprons and eye protection with all the best brands including Miller, Lincoln, Tillman, 3M, and more.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Baker’s Gas and Welding, may your season be full of warmth, light, and awesome new welding gear.

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