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Christmas Welding Projects for the Perfect Gift

Christmas is just days away, and if you haven’t ticked every box on your shopping list yet, don’t worry. We’re here with some welding project ideas to deck your halls and fill in your gift giving list.  Sure, Anyone can pick something up at the mall or online but only you can head to your welding shop and create something truly unique for your friends and family.

If your creative juices need a pick me up, we’re here with a few holiday welding project ideas to help you out. Consider it just one of our gifts to you this season.

Rebar Reindeer Welding Project

This rebar reindeer project is an easy holiday welding project that brings clean lines and simplicity to your Christmas decor. For this project you’ll start by cutting 4 pieces of rebar into equal sizes, these will be your legs. Next, cut another piece to serve as the body of your deer, and  weld the legs to the base at a roughly 45 degree angle in the front and back.

To create a neck, add a shorter piece of rebar at a straight angle and then weld an even shorter face at a slight angle. For the antlers you’ll need to get a little creative with your shaping, even bending the metal to add artistic waves and branches.

Itty Bitty Lugnut Snowman Welding Project

If you’re looking for a Christmas welding project on a smaller scale, you might want to try this lugnut snowman. For this project you’ll need 4 lug nuts, 1 washer and 2 screws in varying sizes of your choosing. Form the body of your snowman by welding 3 nuts together in descending order of size, with the largest as the base of the snowman.

For the brim of the hat, fuse a washer to the top of the snowman’s head and top it off with another washer to complete the hat. Add some arms by welding two small screws to the middle lug nut of your base. Finish by painting the body white and the hat black and leaving the hat rustic or adding in some black if your nuts and screws are still shiny.

Welded Wine Rack

If you’re trying to think of a gift for someone who enjoys wine look no further. For this project you will need 7 medium to large size horse shoes, magnetic clamps (not required but helpful), and welder. We used the Millermatic 211  (907614) for this project.  First lay out the horse shoes in a design of your choice. Your going to weld the horse shoes that will hold the wine first. It can be done by welding the entire right side then flipping the rack over and doing the left side. Lining up the left to match the right side symmetrically. Make sure the width at the top and bottom are the same after lining up your base. The magnets come in handy to hold the right and left side at a 90 degree angle to weld the base at the angle of your choice. The nice thing about this project is that it is easy and you have flexibility to be creative! Spray paint or leave rustic up to you.


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Ed Cyzewski


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