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Cheap and Clever Ways to Promote Your Welding Services

Cheap and Clever Ways to Promote Your Welding Services

You have the skills, the tools and the time to get the job done, but you don’t know how to sell yourself. Are you looking to get a little edge on the other welders in your area? Here are a few easy, cheap and helpful ways to get your name out there.

Business Cards – Don’t skip this section! Seriously!

You probably think I’m about to go on and on about the importance of having a business card. Well yes, it is important to have a business card but that’s not the topic of this section. Use your business card in a less conventional manner and you’re sure to see results. What do I mean?

Head to your local library, book store or even welding shop and insert your business card as a bookmark in books and magazines related to welding. Surely anyone picking up a welding magazine must have some interest in the topic and may even need a good welder’s advice or services for their own welding projects. 

Promotional Pens

Not exactly cheap, but there are deals out there if you search well enough. This is a little trick I read about not too long ago, and the payoff for me has been great. Order promotional pens with your name, title, and contact info (e.g. Joe Johnson, Professional Welder, contactme@coolwelder.com or 000-000-0000). Then, leave pens anywhere you think a welder may be needed. Maybe drop one off at the desk of a bowling alley; someone has to repair broken pin equipment, right? Another place to consider is your local furniture shop that may need someone to craft artistic furniture. Personally, I’ve left my pens everywhere: the bank, the library, at the counter of the grocery store. Hey, you never know when or where your skills will be needed!

Pay It Forward

Someone paid for my coffee at Starbucks the other day; I paid for the person behind me and the movie kept rolling. If only the kind coffee person had left their business card or pen around, maybe I would find a need for their services. This is a simple, fairly cheap and organic way of getting your name out there. The person you pay for may not need welding services but they may know someone who does, and who doesn’t love to have another foot the bill for them? It’s kind of nice!

Have you tried any of the promotional ideas above? What ideas do you have for getting yourself more visibility as a welder?



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