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Build with Blue: The Miller Diversion 165 TIG Welder

Build with Blue: The Miller Diversion 165 TIG Welder

You can now get the complete TIG welding set up for a Miller Diversion 165 TIG welder. Better yet, you can get a Miller Electric TIG welder on sale with Baker’s Build with Blue Promotion that continues through the month of April. This is the lowest price for a welder, a Miller welder that is, at Baker’s, and you’re going to love the extras you can pick up along with your new welder. Here are some TIG
welding supplies you can pick up today along with a Miller Diversion 165 TIG welder:

The Starter Kit for TIG Welding

There’s a lot more that you need to get started TIG welding beyond just a TIG
welder. For example, a gas regulator and a hose will provide all that you need
to get started with using shielding gas and provides a series of welding tips
you can put into use right away. In addition, a set up DVD will help you get
started quickly and safely in your new welding shop and provides some basic TIG
welding tips that will save you from frustrating mistakes

In addition, this TIG welding starter kit comes with plans for building a
welder cart. Moving your welder around your shop will be a whole lot easier with
a welding cart, and what better way to start using your new welder than to build
a cart that will make it easier to move around your shop and to keep it safe.

Lastly, the TIG welding starter kit includes the Welding for Dummies book
that will give you all of the basic technical knowledge that you may be afraid
to ask.

Weldcraft Air-Cooled Torch Included

The Miller Diversion 165 TIG welder comes with an air-cooled 150 amp
Weldcraft torch with hand controls that make it easier to set your amperage
while on the job without having to walk away from your project.

Better Weld Penetration and Power Options

The best option for a TIG welder is to get a lot of options for the various
types of materials you’ll be welding. With a TIG welder you can get a better
welding arc and use less power if you’re able to switch between AC and DC
settings. In addition, the HF start feature on this Miller welder provides a
non-contact start so that you can strike your arcs easily without having to
wear away your tungsten.

With TIG welding you’ll need to be especially careful about protecting the
weld puddle. By using the right shielding gas you can keep your weld puddle free
from contaminants. In addition, the Diversion’s auto-postflow option will
protect the puddle and electrode by optimizing the flow time based on the
welding amperage.

Lastly, the Advanced Squarewave AC feature will provide a fast freeze weld
puddle and help you achieve deeper penetration. For any out of position welds,
Squarewave will help you get a great weld without having to worry about the
filler metal seeping out of the weld joint.

How to Protect Your TIG Welder

Your welder could get damaged in any number of ways from moisture, to mold,
to dust, or to scuffs and scratches from other materials in your shop. By
investing in a cover for your welder, you’ll keep it in tip top shape without
putting it in harm’s way. Learn more about buying a specially designed cover for your Miller TIG welder today.

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