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Brand New Overstocked Welding Gear and Supplies on Sale Today

Brand New Overstocked Welding Gear and Supplies on Sale Today

This fall is the perfect time to visit the welding gear and welding machine clearance sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Whether you need a discounted helmet with a unique design or you want to pick up an overstock welder that’s about to be replaced by a new model, you can find the best deals in welding supplies this fall at the Baker’s Gas and Welding clearance sale.

Keep in mind that product availability will be limited, so everything in this post is time sensitive. If you see something you like below, visit the sale today to cash in on the great offers:

Lincoln’s 1840 Viking Welding Helmet

Lincoln’s middle-of-the-pack welding helmet offers the essential features that every home and hobby welder needs to get projects done. The 3.78″ x 1.85″ viewing area comes with 2 arc sensors that provide auto-darkening protection from getting flashed while welding.

It comes with external shade controls, a continuous 9-13 range of shade options, and grind mode. The light-weight shell weighs in at 18 oz., and it offers cheater lens capability.

While it doesn’t have all of the robust features of the professional grade Viking helmets, the 1840 is a great value for home welding projects that won’t take you out of position or require a wider range of shade options. Speaking of professional grace Lincoln helmets…

Learn more about the Viking 1840 welding helmet today.

Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i 3 in 1 MIG/TIG/STICK Welder

You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get the full range of welding power offered by a 3 in 1 welder, and the Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i on sale at Baker’s offers a full range of powerful welding features at a great price.

Welders who pick up a 3 in 1 welding machine are often looking for a way to work on a wide variety projects. The Thermal Arc Fabricator can do just that, offering welding options for light fabrication of steel, stainless steel and aluminum (MIG) across a wide range of user applications.

While it’s extremely portable, weighing in at only 33 pounds, its also extremely versatile, delivering anywhere from 10 to 180 Amps of output, and switching between low and high input options. Features such as its hot start for stick welding and lift TIG for TIG welders make it easy to strike an arc and get to work quickly and effectively.

MIG welders will enjoy the ease of infinite voltage control for starting out, while inductance control provides superior arc stability and minimizes spatter. Your welder will stay safe with its burn back control feature, and you can easily MIG weld aluminum with its wire spool option.

Learn more about the Thermal Arc 181i 3 in 1 welder today.

Smith Classic Heavy Duty Cutting, Welding, & Heating Toolbox 300 Outfit

Welders who need a heavy duty cutting kit will love this outfit from Smith that offers a series of lighter weight and heavy-duty cutting attachments that can either cut or preheat metal. It all comes in a high impact toolbox for safe keeping when you venture out of your shop or while storing your cutting torch.

For welders working in uncertain conditions where anything can happen, Smith’s regulators offer Series 30 regulators with shatter resistant, polycarbonate gauge lenses.  All cutting attachments and torch handles are covered by Smith’s lifetime warranty, and the regulators are covered by a limited 3-year warranty.

Learn more about this Smith Cutting Kit today.

Get Welding Supplies on Sale Today!

Don’t hesitate to check out these special offers and the many other steeps discounts available this fall at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Stock is limited, so there’s no telling when products will be removed from the clearance page.

Visit the clearance page today.

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