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Boost Your Beverage Game with These Welding Projects

One way to boost both the organization and appeal of your home is to create better organization and easier access for your favorite beverages. A cup of morning coffee tastes even better when it’s easy to brew. A bottle of wine for dinner guests could be close at hand on your wine rack rather than having to root through a cabinet for it. Stemming from this idea, the welding experts at Baker’s Gas and Welding have come up with 6 welding projects to help you eat, drink and entertain with ease no matter what your beverage of choice may be.

Coffee Bar Welding Project

If you’re looking to up your coffee game, why not start with a custom-designed coffee bar that meets your unique caffeination needs? Use your creation to store everything from mugs to coffee pods as well as teas and coffee grounds. Weld a solid base with shelf storage and legs and finish with a smooth metal top or finished piece of wood. Add rustic, welded shelving above your coffee station for added storage and attach hooks to each shelf to hold mugs and measuring spoons.

Mug Rack Welding Project

Keep your ceramic mugs close at hand with this mug rack welding project. There are several ways to create mug storage, but to start you must decide where you want your piece to go; on the wall or the countertop? Once you have a feel for the end location, you can weld your mug rack to hold as many glasses, jars or mugs as space and needs allow. Some excellent materials for this project include rebar and metal tubing, just be sure to grind all edges smooth to protect fingers and glassware alike.

Wine Rack Welding Project

One of the easiest and most versatile beverage welding projects centers around the wine rack. Wine racks can be designed to hold anywhere from single bottle to a large collection and can be constructed using rustic horseshoes, rebar or sleek stainless steel. Wine racks make both a great gift and an in-demand craft show piece. Additionally, many stores and restaurants are looking for custom-designed wine racks to display their array of varietals. Designing wine racks can lead to a steady side business income as well as a sharp and organized focal point for your own entertaining space.

Stemware Rack Welding Project

Tuck your stemware neatly under a shelf or cabinet by welding a rack to hold your glasses. This can be done by bending and welding two pieces of metal tubing side by side and under-mounting them with a gap for the glass base. Be sure to measure carefully to ensure your piece works well after installation. You can also create a smaller-scale stemware holder from bicycle chain or old horseshoes to accommodate outdoor gatherings with friends.

Beer Station Welding Project

Treat yourself or the beer lovers in your life to an all-in-one beer station. No more looking for a bottle opener or a frosty-cold mug when it is all in one place. Weld the base of your beer cart or station from metal and then consider adding a wooden or metal top. Why not create a slot to house a beer fridge or keg? Attach a magnet below your wall-mounted bottle opener so your bottle tops never end up on the floor and can be collected or discarded.

Drink Cart Welding Project

A rolling drink cart is a versatile piece that can make serving drinks and snacks a breeze. A well-designed drink cart can store your glasses and extra bottles and has an easy-to-clean top to account for messes and spills. Your creation can be customized to serve the way you host and entertain. Consider using vintage wheels and castors and some found materials to make your welded bar cart truly one of a kind.

Stock up on Welding Supplies

As you prepare to deck out your drink game, don’t forget to outfit your shop in kind! Baker’s Gas and Welding has everything you need to complete these projects and more. A few of our current promotions (at time of writing) include our Miller Build with Blue Special which can save you up to $700 on most machines as well as a gift with purchase. Every order over $99 ships free at Baker’s to maximize your savings and get you your gear on time. 

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