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Before You Weld: Clear the Decks with Wilton BASH Sledgehammers

Before You Weld: Clear the Decks with Wilton BASH Sledgehammers

If you’re looking for the most effective sledgehammer for your next renovation project or big job at work, the WILTON B.A.SH. Sledgehammer will help you tear things down faster and will less fatigue so you can start building right away. WILTON’S B.A.S.H. sledgehammer holds firm strike after strike with its molten steel bars reinforcing the handle and a secure steel plate joining the head to that handle. With Wilton, you’re buying a sledgehammer that isn’t just durable, it’s also one of the safest products on the market.

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Wilton’s sledgehammers are tested for up to 25,000 strikes and claim to be the strongest sledgehammers on the market (especially compared to sledgehammers made with wood and fiberglass handles). They’ll even back up that claim with a $1,000 guarantee for two years after purchase.

The no-slip grips made of vulcanized rubber ensure a solid grip and the anti-vibe necks minimize impact so that you can work harder and longer without wearing out. Here’s a look at some of the top Wilton sledgehammers at Baker’s Gas and Welding:

Wilton Tools 4 lb Head, 12″ BASH Soft Face Sledgehammer

Knock out smaller projects with the Wilton BASH Soft Face Sledgehammer with a drop forged hi-vis head that has been hardened to 30HRC. Its reinforced head is designed to mushroom for harder struck material and its ergonomic handle will stay secure without any chances of slips or breaking.

Learn more about the Wilton 4 lb., 12″ BASH Soft Face Sledgehammer

Wilton Tools 8 lb Head, 36″ Bash Soft Face Sledgehammer

When you need a slightly heavier sledgehammer, the 8 lb. head of the 36″ long Wilton Sledgehammer extends your reach and provides the same reliable reinforced steel design that can make or break a demolition job. Whether you’re getting started out with demolition work or have a project on the smaller end of things, this simple yet effective sledgehammer is a sure bet.

Learn more about the 8 lb., 36″ Wilton Sledgehammer

Wilton Tools 10 lb Head, 24″ Bash Sledgehammer

When it’s time to step up your demolition work, check out the 10 lb. head, 24″ sledgehammer from Wilton. It’s made from Hi-Vis. drop forged 46 HRC steel that can deliver punishing blows to the most resistant surfaces. With the standard steel core for an unbreakable neck and anti-vibe shock absorbers, you’ll have more power and less fatigue, especially compared to less durable sledgehammers on the market.

Learn more about the Wilton 10 lb, 24″ Bash Sledgehammer

Wilton Tools 20 lb Head, 30″ Bash Sledge Hammer

For your toughest projects, you need the heaviest sledgehammers, and Wilton’s 20 lb. head is ready to swing into action. With its standard steel core and 46 HRC steel head, you’ll have the most powerful and durable demolition tool available on the market with an ideal 30” handle to provide excellent reach.

Learn more about the Wilton 20 lb., 30″ BASH Sledgehammer

Get Discounts on Wilton Sledgehammers

Stand out on your work site with the high-quality green-headed sledgehammers from Wilton. Baker’s Gas and Welding offers a vast selection of different weights and sizes for every project, whether large or small.

Wilton’s unbreakable BASH Sledgehammers are, as of this writing, deeply discounted at Baker’s Gas and Welding, with free ground shipping on orders over $99 in the continental U.S.



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