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Beat the Heat This Summer with a Tillman Welding Jacket

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You won’t be any “cooler” (temperature-wise that is!) with a Tillman welding jacket, but you will be safer since you can avoid getting burned with UV rays or scarred by slag while you weld. Pick up a jacket from Baker’s Gas and Welding this summer to get the best deals on the safest jackets. 

Tillman’s welding jackets and welding gloves already come at a competitive discount, so this July’s promotion is one of the best prices around for affordable welding gear that will be sturdy, reliable, and flexible enough for welders working on large projects.

Here’s an overview of the different kinds of welding jackets available:

Freedom Flex Welding Jacket

This welding jacket is a lightweight and highly flexible safety solution that provides complete upper body coverage when combined with a welding helmet and welding gloves. Its FR fabric panel inserts and raglan sleeves can handle sparks and spatter without limiting your movement or leaving you hot and stuffy like a full leather welding jacket would.

This welding jacket is made out of Westex Indura stretch material at key points so that you’ll never feel restricted while you work. A large inside pocket makes it easy to keep track of parts and pieces while tackling a project. This jacket could be ideal for TIG welding or light MIG welding projects, especially in warmer climates.

Learn more about Tillman’s Freedom Flex Welding Jacket

Medium Weight Tillman Welding Jacket

This lightweight welding jacket offers the same protection and flexibility with its flame retardant fabric back panel inserts and raglan sleeves. However, it is more durable and long lasting since it also adds leather sleeves to the mix. You can use this jacket longer, clean it more often, and rely on the leather sleeves to handle more heat and spatter when you’re working on a MIG welding project.

Like the previous jacket, welders will find a large pocket on the inside for storing parts and metal pieces. However, it also offers two soap stone pockets on the sleeves for added storage space while working. It’s Kevlar stitching is heat resistant and durable so that your jacket will hold together after many uses.

Learn more about the Tillman Medium Weight Welding Jacket

Top Grain Cowhide Tillman Welding Jacket

Tillman’s top grain cowhide welding jacket is a classic gold welding jacket that you can rely on for superior welding protection on heavy duty projects in a variety of settings, especially stick welding. Welders will find added comfort and movement with its underarm gussets that make it easier to work for long stretches of time.

Its shoulders are lined with satin on the inside, making it easier to slip the jacket on and off, as leather without a satin liner can get stuck on your shoulders and arms. All seams are sown together with Kevlar heat-resistant thread.

Tillman Onyx Welding Gear

Tillman’s new Onyx welding jacket line is a sturdy, durable series of black welding jackets that come in a variety of thicknesses and styles for every welder’s needs. These are the first black welding jackets made from the flame resistant Westex material. There are heavy leather jackets and lighter jackets that have a cotton torso and top grain cowhide sleeves for all types of climates and welding processes.

These new jackets preserve all of the other features welders have come to rely on from Tillman such as an interior pocket and soapstone pockets on the sleeves.

The Onyx welding supply line includes gloves as well that range from heavy-duty, top grain stick welding gloves with long gauntlets that extend down your forearms to lighter weight TIG welding gloves made from highly flexible and durable kid skin.




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