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Baker's Gas Gift Guide 2020

Baker's Gas 2020 Welding Gift Guide for the holidays

Sometimes finding the perfect holiday gift is hard (even if it is for yourself...), so we've created a guide to help you make this season the best yet. From larger ticket items to stocking stuffers, we have you covered. If you need to check availability to get the items by Christmas email our support team and we can help! 

Gift for Any Welder

Thoughtful small accessories are the perfect holiday surprise! Something that we all have had to get used to this year is masks! We have a few welding friendly options for the welder in your life! The first is the FR neck gaiter. This can be great for anyone to be compliant with "mask" mandates, but its pretty cool that you could also leave around your neck while welding. 

For an actual respirator with filtration for fumes and airborne particles we have the Miller LPR-100! It was designed for welders to fit under your helmet to keep you safe from fumes. (2020 it was also popular in the medical field as an available reusable respirator) Don't worry we stocked up and have plenty all all sizes and replaceable filters in stock!! If they already have an LPR-100 grab them some extra filters or a Miller Electric storage case to keep their respirator safe and clean. (Baker's LPR Bundle with all three)

Miller LPR-100 Respirator for a welder

Other great gifts for any welder for less than $50 linked below!

Welding or Work Gloves

Welding Caps or Beanies

FR Work Shirts

The Weekend Warrior

2020 has us all spending more time at home. This means more time for welding projects in the garage. This year we talked to a lot of home hobby welders stepping up the game in that garage. Upgrading equipment expands the projects big time. 

Ability to MIG, Stick and TIG weld with one machine has been around for years. However only for a little over a year there has been "True" all-process machines that can AC TIG weld aluminum to top it all off.

The number one machine of the year and great investment is the Multimatic 220! Out over a year with high customer reviews and ratings. We have one here in the shop, and we love using it. Super simple to change between processes (just press the TIG pedal to go into TIG mode or tap the MIG gun to switch back to MIG mode) makes tackling a project quick and easy. The LED screen prompts set up and suggests parameters given the material you are welding. This is great for new and experienced welders! If you want to learn more watch our YouTube video for a full review. 

As for the number one welding helmet of the year for the all around welder would be the Miller Digital Elite! Available in matte black or a variety of graphics with all of the advanced features and technology at an affordable price. Large viewing area, light weight, comfortable and clear view of your weld! New Miller Elite graphic Gear Box shown below! 

Gear Box Miller Elite

ClearLight technology in the Miller helmets makes the view of the weld less green and more crisp. If you are using the traditional lens this is a BIG upgrade and worth checking out. 

Garage Gadgets and Gear Ideas for Less than $250

Miller Elite Welding Helmets

Lincoln Viking 3350 Helmets

Magnets and Levels


The TIG Welder

If you or the person you are shopping for is into TIG welding we have the perfect ideas!

Bendable tungsten is new to the welding industry this year! Why would you want flexible tungsten? We were curious too and learned that the Tungsten bend is great for hard to reach angles and small spaces. The best part is that it works well for both AC TIG (aluminum) and DC TIG (steel) welding applications! Available in a 3 pack or 10 pack in two diameters. The 3 pack 3/32 is less than $15! Small and perfect stocking stuffer that is sure to spark some excitement! 

When it comes to TIG gloves we have a favorite! Our number one selling TIG glove and personal favorite is the Black Stallion Tigster T50 glove. It fits true to size and is super comfortable. If you watch our videos you will always see we have a pair on! Designed with a thicker drag patch where you need the extra protection and the fingers to where you can feel your TIG torch and small knobs with ease. 

Revco T50 TIG Glove

Another really cool gift for a TIG welder would be some new TIG consumables from the Furick line! Handmade cups that welders are obsessed with. Clear glass options with FURICK covers would make a great small gift and show you are paying attention. (If you are not sure on size just snap a photo of the TIG torch and email us and we can help!)

Okay if you have a bigger budget in mind the Optrel Crystal 2.0 is a game changer for TIG! Just like the name suggests the Crystal clear lens and 2.0 light state makes the view of the weld like no other. It comes in around $450 but if you read reviews it is worth the premium cost. (Maybe a good gift to yourself or something to save and splurge on) Also they just launched the Panoramaxx version of this lens, which is also worth checking out.

Optrel New Crystal 2.0 Helmets
The Professional Welder

Welding for a living is great and we have some practical ideas they will love! FR gear can be expensive and hard to find. We are so impressed with the quality, sizing and price points of the flame resistant options from Black Stallion. The work shirts can be worn in place of a jacket in light welding applications or a great smart base layer for on the job. All you need to know is their shirt size! We have a value bundle right now includes our three most popular FR shirts!

FR Shirt Gift

FR sweatshirts are also a great welding layer in the winter. The full zip black with a hood is available in medium up to 4XL.

Sometimes work provides a welding helmet which is great. However in 2020 we all are thinking differently about storage and germs. Grab them a storage bag to keep their helmet, gloves, ect. when they are not using them. Our favorites are the GB100 and the Lincoln Backpack. Another really affordable one is the GB150, super high quality and under $50!

Cutting Enthusiasts

A good plasma cutter accelerates a job and expands possibilities. We have some great options from the top manufacturers this year! Thinking of upgrading your machine from an existing unit? Ask about our trade in and trade up programs! 

New to plasma? That is okay too! We can help you shop based on your current and future cut capacity needs. Some great options to start looking at include the Hypertherm 30 Air, Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40 and the Miller Spectrum 625! Each stands out for a different reason. 

Already have a plasma cutter? Shop our bulk packs and stock up on consumables this year! (You did not hear it from us but Hypertherm is having a price increase in January!) 

Baker's Favorites 

The below list has options by category! If you are not sure on a size or model of something please let us know. Also keep in mind we do offer digital gift cards and offer free shipping on $50 orders! 

Shop Best Selling Gloves

Shop Best Selling Welding Helmets

Shop Best Selling FR Work Shirts

Shop Best Selling Cutting Outfits

Shop Best Selling Plasma Cutters

Shop Best Selling Machines 

Miller machines with free shipping

If you did not see what you had in mind please reach out. We can help you with a custom quote or answer questions for you over the phone. We have a great support team that is ready to help you build that list and check it twice! 

If you are shopping for yourself subscribe to our our newsletter to be in on the 12 days of Christmas promos and tips! 

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