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Baker's Favorite Products of 2022

Baker's Favorite Products of 2022

The year is coming to an end so we decided to look back on our favorite products of the year. Some of these products are our best sellers, and others are just the personal favorites of the team here at Bakers. 

Best Welding Equipment

There are lot of welders on the market but these are some of our favorites. These machines are what we have found to be the most useful to most of our customers.

Stick Welders - The ESAB Rogue lineup is the star in the lineup of stick only machines. The entire family of Rogue welders have been proven to perform in the field. The most popular being the 180i. If you want to read our blog post on the 180i click here.

MIG Welders -

Best home hobby MIG welder this year would be a close tie between the Millermatic 211 and the Lincoln 211. Simple 110 MIG welders built to deliver for every skill level.Lincoln 211

The Lincoln Power MIG 360 and the Miller Millermatic 355 have been the favorite more advanced MIG focused machines. Many customers that need an industrial MIG welder end up going with one of the two, depending on their specific use. Check out our Youtube video on the Power MIG 360 here, and the Millermatic 355 here. 

TIG Welders - For TIG welders our favorite product lineup is the Dynasty family of welders from Miller. The Dynasty 210 and 300 were just refreshed/released from Miller this year. The features, performance, and reliability on these TIG machines are what make them a customer favorite.Miller Dynasty

Best home hobby TIG welder hands down the Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200. 

Multiprocess Welders - Hands down the favorite multiprocess machine of the year is the Miller Multimatic 220. This machine has proven itself to be the most adaptable and reliable, multiprocess unit on the market. Take a look at our 2 year review of the 220 here.Miller 220

Plasma Cutters

Hypertherm has been a favorite brand of ours when it comes to plasma. They are always innovating and improving their products, and have a great customer service system. The new Powermax SYNC systems are a huge leap forward in consumable technology. The ease of use and simplicity of the whole SYNC system really sets them apart from other plasma brands. This is why Hypertherm was Baker's favorite plasma brand in 2022.SYNC


When selecting a welding helmet, it is important to consider several factors, including the type of welding you will be doing, the level of comfort and fit, the level of protection needed and your budget. 

Viking 3350

The Viking 3350 was the best selling helmet this year, and for good reason. The 3350 hits all of the sweet spots you want in a welding helmet. The lens is large and clear, the headgear is comfortable, and it isn't too heavy so you can wear it all day.


Swarm A30

The ESAB Swarm A30 is something that Baker's really likes for the budget oriented customers. This helmet has some premium features for a very cheap price. The viewing area, clarity rating, and amount of arc sensors are features that are typically found on much more expensive helmets. If you are in the market for a budget friendly yet capable helmet, this is the one for you.

Sentinel A60

The Sentinel A60 makes this list because it is a brand new helmet to the market. It improved upon the already well liked Sentinel A50. Bringing new features like a 40% bigger viewing area, a perfect clarity rating (improved from the A50), and improved more comfortable headgear.Sentinel A60 ESAB

Gear & FR Garments

One of our favorite welding gear releases of the year is the Lincoln Mossy Oak Welding Backpack. The Mossy Oak camouflage collaboration gives this bag a whole new look. On top of being a very well made bag with plenty of storage.

camo lincoln

Plus they have a Mossy Oak helmet that launched this year. Your welding friends will be mega jealous of!

camo lincolnA pair of gloves that we found customers keep coming back for are the BM88 premium pigskin MIG gloves. They don't break the bank yet are still made with quality materials. Our other favorite is the T50 glove and the Black Stallion work shirts. If you watch any of our YouTube videos you will see that is our go-to gear! 

Please comment below what you think the best products of 2022 are! Or if you are on the fence on any products please chat with us our team is happy to give you some insight! 

Evan H.


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