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Baker's Best Products for Women in Welding 👩‍🏭

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It is a well known fact that there are more men than women in the welding industry. This means the majority of products within the welding industry are made for men. Making it hard for women to find some solid protective gear. We took notice to this at Baker's and have compiled our favorite welding products for women. These products have proven to be useful for the customers that we serve, so we compiled them all here to make it easier to find some good gear. 

Lincoln Electric Womens Welding Jacket

Lincoln Electric has done a great job of providing some options for women in the welding industry. These products from Lincoln are a staple in the welding industry. Now they are just designed to better fit women. 

The Lincoln Women's FR Welding Jacket is designed to fit female body types. The shape of the jacket is different than a traditional jacket. In addition to the shape there are side straps to adjust the fit of the jacket, so you can adjust the fit on the go. 

Lincoln Electric Women's Glove Options


Lincoln Womens welding gloves

 Lincoln Electric has two great glove offerings for women. The two options are the MIG/Stick and the Steelworker welding gloves. Both pairs of gloves are specifically designed to better fit women's hands. The MIG/Stick gloves are completely leather and offer great protection without being too restrictive. The Steelworker gloves offer an even more premium feel with grain leather that will make these gloves last even longer!

Black Stallion Women's Glove Options

LT50 Gloves

If you are a TIG welder we would recommend going with the LT50 gloves from Black Stallion. The LT50 are some of the only women's TIG welding gloves on the market. They are designed to fit women's hands better and they even offer an Extra-Small size, which most brands do not. If you need the great dexterity and a tight fit for your TIG glove, give the LT50's a look! These gloves are also available with a different pattern, the LS50 TIG gloves.

Black Stallion Women's Jacket Options


 The Black Stallion Women's Hybrid Welding Jacket is our best selling jacket for women. This jacket comes in at a great price for the material it uses and the features offered. This jacket has split cowhide in most contact areas and a breathable FR midsection to keep you comfortable. This jacket also has 3 different levels of adjustment around the waistline for a great fit. 



Our second best selling women's jacket is the Black Stallion Women's FR Cotton Jacket. This jacket comes in at a very economical price. The sides are adjustable like the other jackets, as well as the sleeve cuff. If you don't want to break the bank but still want a comfortable welding jacket, this is the one for you!

Lincoln Electric Women's Gear Ready-Pak

Lincoln Gear ready pak

 Lincoln Electric also has the Women's Gear Ready-Pak. This bundle comes directly from Lincoln Electric and is a fantastic option if you are starting out in welding! The kit includes everything you will need for your first class or day of welding. 

Want to hear what our customer have to say about these items? Click on any of the product pages and scroll down to read reviews left by actual Baker's Gas customers!

If you have any questions on fit or best options for your situation, reach out to our support team! Head over to our contact us page for help, or call 877-930-5690.

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