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Check Out the Lincoln AC 225!

Lincoln AC 225

Stick welding, or manual metal arc welding, is perhaps the favored welding practice world wide.  In terms of repairs, maintenance, steel construction, and also industrial fabrication a stick welder is often the go to of choice due to its high level of versatility.  Stick welders are capable of functioning under a wide array of material conditions, including rusty, painted, or just plain dirty metals.  They also allow the welder to more easily weld both vertically and overhead.  They are actually more simplistic in design but are powerful tools that while generally used with iron and steels can be applied to copper, aluminum, and nickel too.

When you are looking for a great stick welder yourself you obviously want one that is not only high quality so that it will stand the test of time, but also one that will offer you all the features and functions you require.  You can find all of that in the Lincoln AC 225 Long-Life Smooth Arch Welder 40-225 amp.  This welder is set in the traditional stick design which means that it is both easily installed and operated.  A benefit of a stick welder is that it is readily portable and also able to be stored in a compact area should you be lacking an abundance of space in your workshop.  Because you want to avoid having to plug your welder into an extension cord (as this may limit its maximum amperage potential) this Lincoln AC 10-225 comes with a power cable that is 6 feet long so as to ensure it can then reach and plug directly into your power outlet.

You will be able to weld not only mild steel electrodes and those that are stainless steel with this Lincoln welder, but also ones that are low hydrogen and hard facing giving you that versatility you require.  The amp selector switch lets you choose anywhere between 40 and 225 amps and then adjusts your welding current to give you a smooth and clean arc all the time.  You can be sure that this stick weld will live up to any challenge thrown its way.

Finally this Lincoln stick welder is fan-cooled and with a heavy duty finish of powder-coat paint.  It meets the ISO 9001 requirements, is NEMA rated for 60 Hz, and also CSA approved.  You can be sure that it is a quality product all the way through and if you are a serious welder who is planning to take on even the rustiest, dirtiest piece of metals or instead the nicest, shiniest steels you will be well prepared.



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