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Baker’s Bargains: April is Welding Helmet Sweepstakes Month

Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

If you haven’t purchased a welding system yet, Baker's gas
is not only offering extreme discounts on MIG, TIG, arc and stick welders, but with
each purchase of a welding machine it will enter your name into a sweepstakes to
win a free welding helmet. Below are just some of the highlighted deals we have at BakersGas.com.

Lincoln Smooth Arc Welder

– Purchase includes an insulated electrode holder and cable
as well as a heavy-duty work clamp and cable.

– The design is traditional and offers both long life and
low cost operation.  

– Special features include compact size, fan cooling,
vermin resistant bottom and a carbon arc torch.

Lincoln Idealarc AC/DC Stick Welder

This is an excellent welding tool for a wide variety of jobs.

– Special features include a versatile welding range, wide
range of electrode suitability, easy set up and easy polarity change.

– This welder includes an additional two-year warranty on top
of Lincoln’s standard three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Lincoln TIG Stick Welder

This welding machine is designed for TIG welding but can
also perform stick welding.

– Special features include a torch hanger, removable lift
eye, a 9-foot power cord and a TIG welding procedure manual.

– This model offers 5-230 amps, which makes it the widest
welding range in its class.

Miller CST 280 Lightweight Stick/TIG Welder

This machine was specifically designed for the construction industry and is both lightweight and durable. This welder is offered in both tweco and dinse styles.

– Purchase includes power source and a 6-foot power cable.

– Special features include lift arc capability, which allows
for arc start without high frequency, fan cooling and remote amperage control.

Miller Maxstar
The Miller Maxstar 150 S is the most compact stick-welding
machine in the industry and weights a mere 13 lbs.

– Purchase includes power source with cord, 13-foot stick
electrode holder, 10-foot work clamp, shoulder straps and multi-voltage (MVP)

– Special features include the new MVP plugs that allow connection
to 115 or 230 V tools. Features also include fan cooling as well as wind tunnel
technology, which prevents dust from settling inside the machine, and adaptive
hot start, which increase output amperage to prevent the electrode from

Check out BakersGas.com
for more savings on welding machines. Remember that with each welding machine
purchased before the end of April, your name will be entered in a sweepstakes to
win a free welding helmet. 


***Sweepstakes ended ***



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