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Back to Welding School: Top Welding Gear for Students

Back to Welding School: Top Welding Gear for Students

It’s back to school season, and for thousands of welding students and welding programs, it’s back to welding school season! While a welding program provides the welding machines and supplies you’ll need, Baker’s can help students get on the path to success with the lowest prices on A+ welding gear.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll highlight some of our most popular, best-selling welding safety gear for students and link it up to get you started on your back to welding school shopping. Welding students, check out the Baker’s Instagram account for contests to win free welding gear.

Straight A’s for These Welding Jackets 

While most welders wear cotton clothing on the job site, a welding jacket is a safe way to protect yourself and your clothing with tried and true fire resistant fabric. Here are a few popular welding jackets that will be ideal for welding students from day one of class to graduation:

The Black Stallion Stretch-Back FR Cotton Welding Jacket
If you need to balance safety in your welding jacket with a cool, comfortable, and flexible fit, then this Black Stallion jacket is ideal for you. With rugged, fully fireproof material on the front, it has a cooler fire resistant cotton back that stretches, cools, and allows more air to flow. 

This jacket is designed for light duty TIG and MIG welding projects. It is 32 inches long and has 6 powder-coated stainless steel front snaps and wrist snaps. You can wash it up to 50 times at home and still retain its fire resistant qualities. 

Black Stallion: BSX Stryker FR Welding Jacket
Black Stallion offers another lightweight welding jacket that fits the needs of light MIG and TIG welding applications while giving welders the ability to customize the fit adjustable waist straps, cuff snaps, and inside zip pocket for convenience.

It’s flame resistant and has an extended front paired with a racing collar for additional safety while working. Wide scribe pockets and dual inside pockets give students plenty of spots to store their welding supplies. 

Miller Indura Cloth Welding Jacket
Miller also offers a durable, flame-resistant jacket that is lightweight and preshrunk so that it fits true to size and won’t change. The 100% cotton fabric is guaranteed to remain flame-resistant for the life of the jacket. 

Welders can also customize their fit around the waist with fold-in sleeve snaps and will enjoy a longer jacket life with reinforced snaps. The thread is durable Nomex flame-resistant thread. 

These Welding Gloves Are at the Top of the Class

Black Stallion T50 Tigster TIG Welding Gloves
Get started on your TIG welding projects with these Black Stallion T50 Tigster TIG Welding Gloves that are light, snug-fitting, and offer excellent dexterity with an ergonomic keystone thumb. Made from soft kidskin and flame-resistant cotton, you’ll have an excellent feel for your torch and TIG wire on the job. 

Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar and offering a DragPatch for high contact surfaces, these gloves are made to last. 

Black Stallion Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Glove
If you’re looking for a comfortable flame-resistant welding glove, these cotton gloves from Black Stallion have pre-curved fingers and insulated ring and pinky fingers to get the most out of your fit. You don’t lose any safety when welding heats up since it has a rugged cowhide palm and cuff along with RestPatch for added protection. 

Black Stallion BT88 Premium TIG Gloves
Affordable, rugged, and reliable, these classic TIG welding gloves have excellent protection with a split cowhide back and palm. However, the goatskin fingers ensure the best dexterity possible without sacrificing safety. 

Stitches are made with heat-resistant Kevlar, while the back is thermal lined. 

These Welding Helmets Make the Grade

Baker’s carries the latest, top-of-the-line brand name welding helmets at the most competitive prices online. While you can find the premium helmets that professional welders rely on, welding students may want to check out the following best-selling models that max out on safety without breaking the bank: 

Lincoln Viking 3350 4C 4th Gen Welding Helmet

Miller Digital Elite w Clear Light Lens Helmet

Don’t forget that you can find an endless list of graphic options for your helmet. 

Pack It Up for School with a Welding Bag

A return to the classroom wouldn’t be complete without a backpack for your supplies, and Miller and Lincoln have you covered with durable bags that can handle your helmet, gear, books and even computer. 

The Lincoln All-In-One Welder’s Backpack has 12 pockets for tools, consumables, books, and whatever you need to add to your welding gear–carrying 50 pounds or more by evenly distributing the weight. A mesh bag on the outside offers a space-saving option for a welding helmet.

The Miller Jobsite Toolbag is a shoulder bag with handles as well and offers 20 different pockets for tools, and other supplies. Great for class or your truck!

Get Ready for a Welding Career

Welding programs are launching and growing all over America, just see our Weekly Welding Roundups to note the number of new classes that are starting and how many welding programs are expanding. There are plenty of different careers that include pipe welding, fabricating, industrial welding, ship building, welding instructors, or welding engineers. 

Men and women of all ages are finding steady hours and competitive pay in the welding field, and Baker’s Gas and Welding has the welding supplies and safety gear to get you started on the right path.


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