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Back to School Welding Projects

Back to school season is here and whether you have kids, grandkids or no kids at all, it is a busy season for your entryway or mudroom. Every parent of school-age kids knows that when kids come home from school, so does their stuff and it lands, well… everywhere. One of the easiest ways to bring order to the chaos of coats, backpacks, and shoes is to implement organization and use your wall and floor space wisely. Lucky for you, your welding skills can come in very handy in taming the back to school clutter.

In keeping with the back to school season, our welding pros have put together a list of 5 welding projects to make back to school a whole lot more organized.

Shoe Rack Welding Project

One of the quickest ways to slow traffic on busy mornings is a massive pile of shoes by the door. Tame the shoe pile-up by welding a shoe rack to keep your pairs together and your entryway clutter free. Start by bending 4 pieces of 6mm rebar or metal tubing into a uniform, curled shape, this will be the feet of your shoe rack. Next cut the rest of your pieces to fit, grinding them smooth should they be raw or rusty. Then, weld 10 foot-long shorter pieces together to form your braces and then attach them using 8, 32 inch pieces which will form your rack shelves. Just like that you’re done! Now if only your kids would use the darn thing…

Coat Hook Welding Project

When it comes to creating a simple home for coats and backpacks, you’ll find that your welding skills are just the thing you need to create a solution. This easy, versatile welding project is ideal for beginners as well as those who would like to make extra money on the side by welding. Start with a flat, metal strip and grind the edges smooth to ensure a safe surface for both fingers and fabrics. Next, use railroad ties, metal tubing, steel chain or really anything else you can think of as your hooks. Be sure to bend and shape your hooks evenly to create a matched set. Finish by attaching them to your base, using even spacing for a neat and balanced look.

Easy Beginner Bench Welding Project

No one wants to sit on the cold floor to tug their boots or snow pants on and off. So, do away with that nonsense by welding a bench for your entryway. Your family and guests will appreciate the resting place and you’ll get to hone your welding skills. Try creating the base from ⅛ inch angle iron and using a stained wooden board for the seating area. Be sure to give your wood a generous coat of poly so your bench can withstand whatever the weather may bring.

Simple Desk Welding Project

When it’s dinnertime, save yourself from clearing the table of papers and crayons by creating a homework space for your family. This project calls for square metal tubing, which you will use to create a square frame for each side of your desk. Attach the sides together with 2 pieces along the top and at least one along the bottom to ensure a sturdy base for your desk. Finish the top with a new or scrap piece of wood which you will affix using pre-prepped screws holes on the base.

Silverware Lunchbox Hooks Welding Project

Are you or your spouse tired of looking at everyone’s lunch boxes each evening? Create a home for them by bending old silverware into hooks. There’s a certain whimsy to be found in using discarded silverware in interesting ways in your kitchen and there is a calm in clearing clutter from your counters. Spoons work well for this project, simply cut them to size, bend them to shape and weld them to your base.

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