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Are you a welding inspector? Are you currently in class studying to be a welder? Are you a welding teacher? Then you might want to consider investing in the American Welding Society (AWS) welding handbooks.

No matter how long you have been a welder, or how many classes you have taken, there will come a time when you need to refer back to one of the handbooks. A teacher may have to refresh their knowledge before a lecture or prove a point to a stubborn student. An inspector may need to look up a code for a job while welders can find all the facts that they need to succeed in the field.

The handbooks are published by the AWS and cover all of the topics that deal with welding that someone may encounter. In fact, the collection is the largest and most thorough body of knowledge on the technology and science of welding that is available. Inside is hands-on, practical information that is easy to put to immediate use. The books contain the most current information on weld qualification, safety, and quality. No other welding books come close to these handbooks as they are written by the educators, engineers, leading scientists and other field experts. Each chapter is reviewed by the peers of the experts to ensure that nothing is left out.

The entire welding technology and science spectrum is covered in these books. This includes welding materials, applications, and processes. AWS members compiled each volume with every chapter being reviewed by Chapter Chairs, the Chair of the WHC, the Volume Committee Chair and members of the Welding Handbook Committee. The AWS Safety and Health Committee and the Technical Activities Committee provide two additional reviews. It is easy to see how valuable these books are.

The 9th edition of volumes 1-4 is currently availabe at the AWS website. Each book is $192 and includes all the information that anyone involved in welding could need. Individual chapters can be bought in electronic format for $20 each from the hard copy order page. The 8th edition of volume 4 is also available in hard copy for $160. A free preview of each book is also available.

The price may seem steep, but these books offer a wealth of information that can't be found in just four volumes anywhere else. They are a valuable resource for educators, students, and certified welders and inspectors in any position.

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