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AWS Safety & Health Facts: Burn Protection

Safety gloves

It’s hard to believe that there are still welders that ignore the basic rules of welding (well if there are drivers that ignore the basic rules of the road, I suppose anything is possible). Welding safety manuals, news reports, statistics, etc. all spell out the dangers of welding if not used with the correct equipment and executed properly.

Burn Protection

Late last year, the America Welding Society (AWS) published (or updated) a fact sheet to help welders protect themselves from burns. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Head and face covering is very important. Approved safety glasses or goggles, helmets, and hand shields help you protect your eyes, whole face, ears, neck, and hands.
  • Your gloves should be dry, free of any holes, and should provide good insulation.
  • Make sure to wear protective clothing that is oil-free, such as a cap, leather gloves, cuffless pants, etc.
  • Remove any items that are combustible (easily burned, such as matches) from yourself before you being the welding process (this includes cutting).
  • For extra protection, use sheet metal screens when the cutting or welding process requires an unusually heavy approach

For more information on welding protection, check out the AWS’s various fact sheets. What welding safety advice do you have for welders (both new and experienced) that you think should never be overlooked?



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