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AWS Online Training Programs Bring the Classroom to You

Whether you’re at home, work, the library or the local McDonalds, the only restriction to AWS Online Training Programs is internet access. Complete with welding seminars, certification testing, virtual AWS Conferences, SENSE Welding classes and more, AWS Online Training Programs are a convenient and less expensive solution to welding education. See the video below for a few points about AWS Online Training Programs.



Latest Seminar/Certification

The Online Certified Welding Sales Representative Seminar is perfect for distributors, manufacturers, sales people and other professionals who want to gain technical knowledge of welding consumables, equipment, methodology, principles and variables.

Time: The seminar is roughly 23 hours long and can be accessed at any time for 30 days.

Price: $500 for AWS members; $525 for Non-Members

More Info: Online Certified Welding Sales Representative Seminar


Go to American Welding Online to register and get more info about the opportunities offered.



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