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Many welders may already know this but there will be those who don't: the American Welding Society (AWS) has a new online learning environment called American Welding Online (AWO). AWO offers a wide variety of learning tools such as interactive seminars for certified welders, students, other professionals, and educators. The goal is to advance the science and art of welding through the use of a dynamic and modern way of learning.

For decades, AWS has offered training seminars around the country. The delivery systems and the methods have changed drastically over the years. With AWO, a new era of learning has been introduced. This new system meets the needs of welders who are unable to travel to other states for training, as training can be provided at any time and any place in the world.

Welding community members can share ideas and contents, receive training, study, and even receive AWS certifications online. The content in the virtual seminars is the exact same as the content that is discussed at a standard seminar. The advantage is the 24-hour access to animated diagrams, simulations, videos, and high-definition visuals. There are also discussion boards and forums where learners are able to network with their colleagues and debate various issues. Instructors, the best in the nation, are available and guide each student through the seminars. Best of all, there is no need to travel or change busy schedules.

Your computer has to meet certain minimum requirements before you will be able to fully use and enjoy all that AWO has to offer you. You need Flash Player 6.0.79 or later (Flash Player 7 or later is recommended) and there is a link to download it if you need to right on the AWO homepage. You also need to have at least Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1, Google Chrome, Safari 3, Opera 9.5, Netscape 7, AOL 8, or CompuServe 7 as your browser if on a Windows system. You need Safari 3, Firefox 1, or Google Chrome at the least for a Macintosh system and for a Linux system you need at least Firefox 1, Opera 9.5, or Konqueror 3.3.1.

One of the seminars that you can attend are the CWSR (Certified Welding Sales Representative) Certification Seminar. It's the same as the one you would attend face-to-face and has additional multimedia and interactive components. There is even live feedback and an ‚ÄúAsk the Instructor‚ÄĚ forum. There are 12 modules with a quiz at the end of each and after all are completed the certification test can be done. For AWS Members the price is $500 and for non-AWS members the price is $525. This gives you 24-hour access to the seminar, digital copies of the Welding Handbook and the CWSR Workbook and access to the online certification examination. There are many other seminars and benefits you will find as you progress through the AWO site.

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