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Advanced Welding Projects for Experienced Welders

Advanced Welding Projects for Experienced Welders

Advanced welding projects are a great step for welders looking for something
a little more challenging for their welding shops. The nice part about welding
projects is they rarely require a heavy duty welder. The welds are often quite
short and don’t necessarily have to be on really thick metal. The greater
challenge will be with your measurements, metal working, and additional
accessories. Here’s a look at some of the best advanced welding projects
available at Weld My World:

Weld A Wine Rack

This welding project that originally appeared on the Weld My World blog as part of our holiday welding project is another ideal project for advanced welders. You’ll have to make a lot of cuts and the welds could be out of position at times, but the overall plans are fairly simple and resemble those followed for a typical table. They leave room for each welder to add pieces or to create ornamental flourishes.

The plans from Miller Electric will help you get started, but this project is ideal for welders who are comfortable making their own designs and plans since you’ll need to figure out a custom table top and create racks for the glasses and wine bottles. Check out this video below for more inspiration.

Weld Your Own Lamp

If you want a welding project with detailed plans and a bit more metal
working, welding your own lamp is a great welding project option. When you’re
done you’ll have a lamp that could be passed down through generations in your
family or given as a gift. While there won’t be too much electrical work to do,
make sure you’re comfortable with basic wiring and drilling neat holes in the
metal work piece.

Since you’ll be shaping the metal yourself for this project, the equipment
list from Lincoln Electric is a lot longer. The welds will be at odd angles as
well, so practice welding in a variety of positions. You may be able to cheat
here and there with your welding positions, but the last thing you want is a
crooked or weak lamp.

Check out the video below for some inspiration to build your own. 


Welding Garden Gates

Garden gates will be one of the most challenging projects since you’ll need to do a lot of measuring, cutting, and really precise welding. In addition, the ornaments you add will increase the cost on top of the hinges and locks you’ll need to add.

Before you start, measure the top and bottom of the opening where you’re placing the gate and make sure they aren’t leaning or that the ground is uneven. All of these will impact how you measure the gates and line them up once you’re done the project, as well as whether you need to add metal or wood in order to keep everything square.

If you know how to work with metal, reshaping it or bending it, you may be able to save some money on a project like this, but most of the metal pieces you’ll use should be in good shape since metal gates are often ornamental. Of course you can cover up a lot of imperfections with some skilled grinding and a good dose of paint. Check out this video below for a better idea on how to accomplish this.

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