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Acculock Consumables and The Differences

Acculock Consumables and The Differences

AccuLock is a Miller Electric MIG welding gun consumable system that is designed to improve welding performance and reduce downtime. The letters S, C, and R refer to different types of AccuLock systems. Let's find out what those are!


The AccuLock consumables are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between the contact tip and diffuser, minimizing downtime and improving weld quality. They feature a lockable front and rear-loading system, which ensures precise alignment and easy installation. The regular Acculock consumables are meant for the MDX-100 gun which comes with the 211, 215 and 220. Baker's Gas makes a consumable kit in house with genuine AccuLock Consumables. 

Acculock S

AccuLock S is a standard system that is suitable for industrial welding applications. It features a fixed gas diffuser, contact tip, and nozzle and it is compatible with Miller MDX-250 guns. Even though we said standard this set of consumables is actually thicker than the basic Acculock consumables. More thickness to handle more heat, take burn back and save money in the end game! 

**AccuLock S consumables will work on your Multimatic or Millermatic 255 or any machine that you are using an MDX 250 gun. Please do not confuse AccuLock with AccuLock S you can either or but only if it is a complete set of one or the other. For more assistance Click here to see a chart of the MDX AccuLock consumables.

You can find Acculock S Consumable kits on our site! 

Miller MDX 250 Acculock S Consumable Kit

Acculock C

AccuLock C is a compact system that is designed for use in tight spaces on robotic systems. It features a shorter front end, and it is compatible with smaller robotic Bernard MIG guns. Meant for smaller mass production systems. 

Acculock R

AccuLock R is a remote system that is designed for use with robotic welding systems. Featured on a robotic arm that can be programmed to position the welding gun precisely for each weld. These are more so for specialized bulk production welding. 

The Acculock R and C are not as popular, if you do need them please reach out for availability first. Give us a call (877-930-5690) or shoot us an email (support@bakersgas.com).


In summary, each Bernard Acculock product line offers unique features and benefits that may be suitable for different welding applications. When selecting a consumable, consider factors such as the type of MIG gun you are using, the materials you are welding, and the desired weld quality and productivity. If you have any questions drop a comment below! 

Steve Nowicki


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