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A Welders Role In Green Technology

Wind Turbines

With the current economy focusing on "green" jobs and technology, the employment outlook is bright for workers possessing welding skills. Although welding is not generally thought of as a green job, competent and experienced welders will be critical to the creation of the green infrastructure in the coming years.

Many Ways Welders Can Help Make Things Green

Welding and fabrication skills are forecasted to be in demand as alternative energy companies continue to grow. Welders were needed to create the oil wells and gas pipelines, and they will also be needed to create the wind farms and bio-diesel plants. The sheer size of turbine blades and components makes manufacturing difficult to outsource. Welders will be needed to manufacture the turbine components, and also to maintain turbine plants and equipment. As interest in green living and sustainable energy sources continues to grow, the market for small-scale wind turbines is also expected to grow, creating more opportunities for welders. Bio-diesel and clean coal technology power plants will also require welders for construction, maintenance, and the manufacturing of associated components.

The more local governments, educational institutions, and individual citizens go green, there will be more restoration projects for deteriorating buildings. Recycling of obsolete or abandoned structures, is now becoming more and more popular as a greener alternative to new construction on undeveloped land. These projects will not only preserve green space, but will create a demand for welding and related construction skills as these structures are transformed into municipal buildings, shopping centers, offices and upscale housing.

Throughout the country, long-dormant grain elevators and factories are being modernized, upgraded, and brought back to life as Eco-minded consumers search for locally produced foods and other goods. All these projects require the services of traditional-skilled tradesmen such as welders, plumbers, electricians and bricklayers.

Welders Making an Effort to be Green Themselves

The of welding itself is using greener technologies in materials and day-to-day welding business operations. Many welders are focusing on the green market by specializing in welding projects that utilize only recycled materials. These  welders are reusing obsolete or outdated railings, gates, farm equipment and even vehicles to create contemporary fixtures that meet current building codes. This niche market is poised to grow considerably as consumers search for environmentally conscious alternatives. The conservation of natural resources and the focus on sustainable energy offer the welding profession a wide range of opportunities for expansion.

If you would like to get involved in a field that will be a part of the increase in green initiatives, you should consider welding as a career. Not only can it give you a career to work on but it can also enable you to make the world a better place for all.

Written by Brian Chalmers

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