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8 Rebar Holiday Welding Projects


With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time when thoughtful gift-giving ideas are born. Most of the people in your friends and family’s lives don’t have your welding skills and are unable to create the useful, beautiful gifts that you can using rebar.

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Even when the holidays are long behind us, rebar is a useful, easy to use material versatile enough for both beginning and experienced welders. It’s constructed from sturdy steel and designed to reinforce buildings, which is where it gets its name, rebar or reinforcing bar. Although rebar may be designed for construction sites, welders know that its use extends into the practical and creative as well.

Here’s a sample of 8 rebar welding projects to get your creative gears turning.

8 Rebar Welding Projects

Rebar Snowflake Welding Project

Snowflakes aren’t for Christmas decor alone, but can be displayed all winter long. To create a lasting, rebar snowflake lay out our design on paper and cut 5 pieces of equal length and one long piece that will anchor your snowflaw into the ground. Add smaller decor pieces at the tip of each “branch” of the snowflake, ensuring everything stays symmetrical.

Rebar Reindeer Welding project

To create festive holiday sculptures weld simple reindeer statues using only rebar. You’ll need a longer piece for the back, and smaller pieces for the legs, neck, head and antlers. These can be done on a small, indoor scale or as larger outside sculptures. Decorate the neck and antlers with garland, red bows or lights to add a bit of festive color.

Rebar Letters & Word Welding Projects

Practice your shaping and welding by using rebar to create unique and customized letter sculptures. Try something generic such as “love” or “home” or weld rebar into a family last name or use it for business signage.

Rebar Flower Welding Project

Create a simple flower using only rebar by shaping 6-8 petals and welding them around a circular center. Turn the stem of the flower into a long post which can be stuck in the ground as a garden decoration. Paint your creation or leave it raw for a more rustic look.

Rebar Garden Trellis

Give your climbing plants and tomatoes some support this summer by using rebar to weld a garden arch or or trellis. This project can be imagined a number of different ways, from a straight, ladder-style vine support or a curved and more artistic arch.

Rebar Bookshelf Welding Project

Create rustic-industrial indoor storage by welding a combination wood and rebar bookshelf for your living room or home library. Ensure that your welds are strong enough to support the weight of both your wood shelves and whatever you intend to put on them.

Rebar Storage Welding Projects

Rebar can also be used to create storage solutions for your home and shop such as hooks, racks and shelves. Experiment with rebar to create a unique coat rack, wine storage or paper towel dispenser.

Rebar Wall Art

As you hone and practice your shaping skills, rebar can be welded into wall art as well. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen with rebar. Some welders have created hearts, fish, antlers, trees and stars just to name a few.

Tips For Welding Rebar

For best results, ensure that you select rebar that is weldable, usually indicated by a W in the product name. It can generally be welded like any other mild steel but you will want to do some calculations to ensure that the strength of your weld meets the demands of your project. To avoid contamination and impurities, try welding your rebar up all the floor to ensure the heat and air can properly circulate around your piece.

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