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6 Welding Companies and Communities Worth Stalking Online

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In some ways, social networking is becoming less social and more professional these days. Miller, your favorite brand of welding supplies, yeah they’re on Twitter. Baker’s Gas, you know, your favorite shop for all your welding needs- yeah, we’re on Twitter too.

Welding companies use social media for various reasons – most of which benefit you. Tips on welding, how to find the right supplies, and which welding tools work best for which projects, and more are just some of the information that you can find through companies’ blogs and social media sites.

Why would you need to go on Twitter or Facebook for info you can find on their website? That’s just it. Companies use social media specifically to provide exclusive deals and information to their fans and followers. It’s sort of a “thank you” for having enough interest in us to find us outside of our website.

There are also many welding communities using social media to reach out to others. Facebook pages and groups for women welders, college students, welding inspectors, and more offer a place for welders to be understood by others like them.

Invaluable info, contests, discounts, deals, and various steals on welding merchandise are all over. You just need to know where to look. Below are 7 of the most useful welding companies and online communities to “follow” on Twitter and “friend” on Facebook.

6 Welding Companies Worth Stalking Online

1. Of course we’re #1! Why?

Our goal is to offer our customers quality welding equipment and supplies at competitive prices, and to provide great customer service before and after the sale.

Our commitment to great customer service is also evident in the blog. Judging from the content, you can see that we don’t only want customers to purchase from us, we want our customers to become better welders. Throughout this blog are tips on welding, fun facts about the industry, advice on how to expand your business skills, and more.

Plus, we like stalkers. . . well, the ones online. We share and post regularly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest! Be sure to follow up to keep up.  

2. Miller Electric 

Passion. Pride. Craftsmanship.

Undoubtedly, Miller is one of the leaders in the welding field. Their products are consistently given high ratings by welders. Miller Welds uses social media to give out information on special events, equipment, and more in the Miller Welds World.

3. Welder World

WelderWorld.com is one of the best places for new welders to find resources. The articles on the site are easy to understand and informative. You’ll find tips on welding and even an eCourse for the field through this awesome welding community. They tweet about updates in the industry, welding project ideas, and more. 

4. Facebook's Welding Group 

The Welding group on Facebook currently has over 1,200 members who regularly post questions, comments, welding tips, and more to the group wall. All the content is public, so you don’t need to join the group to read the comments or see the links that are posted. However, if you want to interact with members of the group – such as post comments – you have to join.

5.  Welding.com

Since 1995, Welding.com has been like an online library for the welding field. While they primarily serve welding businesses (both large and small), the site has many articles and tips for beginning to advanced welders. Their twitter page is full of links to welding events and news about the industry.

6. Lincoln Electric 

The welding experts based out of Cleveland, OH! (Well they are worldwide but headquarters are here in Ohio just a few hours from us)  



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