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6 Welding Projects for the Birds This Spring

6 Welding Projects for the Birds This Spring

The weather is warm, the flowers are up and spring is finally here. You don’t have to be a master gardener or a sharp-eyed bird watcher to thoroughly enjoy spring, your welding skills can come in incredibly handy too.

Bird Feeder

This month we’ve rounded up 6 welding projects to help you create space and sanctuary for the bird species of your area. From simple bird feeders to elegant bird baths, we have all the inspiration you need to get started. Read on to learn how you can use your unique welding skills to quickly turn your home or neighborhood into space to enjoy spring’s many surprises.

Shovel Handle Bird Feeder Welding Project

For a rustic, artsy approach to a bird feeder, recycle a shovel handle into a bird feeder, creating a place for birds to perch and eat. Start by welding a solid base for your feeder, to ensure those skinny bird legs can support the weight and balance of the shovel handle top. Use rebar or metal tubing for the legs, and matching material for the eyes such as large washers. The beak can be created from smooth shears or a large, unused hook. Before you finish, be sure to grind all rough edges for the safety of birds and humans alike.

Simple Birdhouse Welding Project

The simplicity of a birdhouse is always a nice touch in gardens and landscaping and is greatly appreciated by your feathered neighbors as well. This project can be as simple and classic or as unique as you want it to be. Use metal sheeting to create your floor, four walls and peaked roof. Cut a door and some windows for entry and ventilation and be sure to finish with smooth edges and your desired paint color. Get creative as you finish, adding a porch, chimney or creative cut out shapes to make it your own.

Hanging Globe Bird Feeder Welding Project

For a more sophisticated take on a bird feeder, use 2 inch metal strips to form a circle and attach the ends. Create more circles of the same size, shaping them around your original circle at different angles. Attach a small metal box in the middle and a hook at top for hanging purposes. Grind smooth and hang from a tree overlooking your favorite window. This is a great project to show off at craft sales or local boutiques interested in promoting local artisans.

Sunflower Birdfeeder Welding Project

Bird feeders can be as artistic as your imagination, as shown in the creativity behind this sunflower bird feeder welding project. Use Scrap metal, metal tubing and mesh to create a feeder with landing perches that also keeps pests away. Paint in bright colors that coordinate with your design. This project also makes an ideal mother’s day gift as well.

Metal Bird Bath Welding Project

Bird baths are a great addition to the landscape of your yard turned bird haven and you can use your welding skills to create a sturdy, elegant piece that will last for years. Found materials can easily be put to use in this project or you can create a piece from new materials as well. Create your bathtub area from thin metal sheeting in a smooth or scalloped application. Attach your top to a sturdy base and smooth angles down before painting, if desired.

Bird Feeder Stand Welding Project

If you’re looking for a simple, classic way to hang your feeders, head to welding shop to create a bird feeder stand for your backyard. This can be done in either a curved, or angled application depending on use, taste and style preferences. Metal tubing or wrought iron are both fantastic choices for this project and the tubing can be shaped and bent or welded together at 90° angles. Paint your project when finished or leave bare for a more rustic look.

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