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5 Welding Project Ideas for an Organized 2016

The New Year is here and with it comes a slew of resolutions, plans and goals. Perhaps you would like to work out a bit more, reduce stress or get your finances in order. Whatever you hope the new year will bring you, the best thing you can do at the beginning is to make a solid plan and get organized. Even if your resolutions and goals fail, here is the good news: you can use your welding skills to prevent that from happening.


Entryway Organization Welding Projects

Doing something as simple as creating welded wall hooks can drastically improve the flow of your home’s entryway. These can be fabricated using anything from bicycle chains to flat steel strips and will create a landing place for all the coats, snow pants and scarves needed to survive the winter months. If you want to take things up a notch, weld a bench for your mudroom using a steel base and wood top. Be sure to seal and lacquer all wood pieces to ensure they withstand all the mess of a true mudroom.

Workshop Welding Projects

Welding successfully can involve a lot of materials and accessories and if you aren’t careful, your workshop can become an inefficient mess. To add better flow to your shop, make organization a priority. If you don’t have a welding table that works for you, start there by creating one from â…œ steel sheeting and 2×2 square tubing for the legs. If you are all set in the table department, create wall storage near your bench using steel sheeting for shelves and pegboard for hooks to that you can easily grab your clamps and gloves as needed.

Budget Balancing Welding Projects

Okay, so you can’t weld away debt or unhealthy spending habits, but you can use your welding skills to create a more organized system for your bills and incoming mail. Use metal sheeting, baskets and hooks to create an inbox by your entry door to hold mail, stamps and your checkbook. This way when it’s time to go over your budget all of your necessary items will be on hand, no more misplaced bills or late fees!

Kitchen Welding Projects

Nearly half of all U.S. resolutions have something to do with eating healthier or getting in better shape. And while you could weld yourself a lifting bench, perhaps you should start by using your welding skills to make your cooking and kitchen organization more efficient. Using metal sheeting and wire, spot weld yourself a spice rack to hang near your stove for easy access, no more bland veggies for you!  Finish your project by grinding your joints flush and painting, if desired.

Welding Projects To Help You Read More

If turning off the tv in favor of a book is one of your 2016 resolutions, start by giving your books an attractive home. Metal bookshelves are very popular right now as they blend in well with both the farmhouse and industrial chic home design trends. You can create one for your home using and endless combination of weldable materials. Pair a steel pipe base with barnwood shelves for a farmhouse look or use square tubing and metal sheeting to create an entirely metal piece which can be painted or left bare for for an industrial feel.

We can’t change your habits for you and no, welding won’t solve all your problems, but each of these projects is certainly a step in the right direction. We want to see yours goals and resolutions succeed, so for your first step, we suggest a visit to Baker’s Gas and Welding where you can stock up on clamps, safety gear or even a new welder to see you through the New Year. If you give any of these welding projects a try, show us on our facebook page, now off you go and have a Happy New Year from Baker’s Gas And Welding.

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