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5 Easy Welding Projects for Thanksgiving

5 Easy Welding Projects for Thanksgiving

The Holidays are upon us once again, and based on what you see in the stores this time of year, it is certainly easy to go straight from the pumpkins of Halloween to the evergreen trees of Christmas without pausing much for Thanksgiving. Here at WeldMyWorld, we think that’s a mistake, which is why we want to share a few welding project ideas to make your Thanksgiving gathering more festive.

These 5 easy Thanksgiving themed welding projects are great for beginning welders looking to grow their skills, yet still practical enough for any welder to finish before the holiday. Each of these projects are also great for resale or gifts.

Horseshoe Turkey Welding Project

The ever popular horseshoe never disappoints when it comes to welding project ideas. You’ll need 8 horseshoes for this project. To get an idea for the shape, start by laying one horseshoe flat on your welding table.

Next, you’ll make the body by attaching two horseshoes together end to end at roughly a 90 degree angle. Then, arrange 5 horseshoes along the curve of your upright horseshoe, overlapping them evenly. Cut your remaining horseshoe in half and attach it to the front of your base to make a neck and head for your turkey.

Finish by painting the body and feathers using brown, orange and yellow paint and adding facial details, if desired.

Easy Pumpkin Welding Project

The internet is full of ideas for welding pumpkins for both indoor and outdoor holiday home decor. One clever idea is to weld a metal bottom and stem to an unused roof wind turbine and paint it orange, voila you have a pumpkin with interesting, architectural detail.

Pumpkins can also be easily created by shaping thin metal strips into half circles and connecting them at the top and bottom. As with any welding project, these pumpkins can be left rustic or easily color with spray paint.

Napkin Ring Welding Project

Add a little style to your Thanksgiving table by welding napkin rings. These can be easily created from discarded silverware, stainless steel or a variety of other materials.

There’s a lot of creative flexibility with this welding project idea and your creations can be as unique as your family and guests. Implement your favorite hobby (such as painting) or tack on seasonal leaves to add a finishing touch.  These also make great gifts or stocking stuffers for year round use.

Turkey Place Card Holder Welding Project

If your family appreciates assigned seating at the holidays, then plasma-cut turkey place card holders are an easy way to add style to your Thanksgiving table. Weld together a turkey in two pieces, leaving space for a name card between the body and head. Attach your turkey to the base and spray paint or leave bare. Ensure you grind the edges smooth to eliminate cuts among your younger guests. These also make perfect business card holders as well.

Thankfulness Tree Welding Project

Thankfulness is what Thanksgiving is all about, so use your welding skills to create a thankfulness tree centerpiece for your guests and family. The tree can be created by welding and bending thin metal tubing or cut from a sheet of metal using your plasma cutter. Be sure to use several tack welds to secure your tree to a sturdy, metal base. Provide a basket of paper leaves near the centerpiece and watch the tree fill up with gratitude as your meal progresses.

No matter which project you choose, your family will appreciate your hard work and commitment to bringing your unique gifts and skills to your holiday gathering.  If you decide to tackle any of these projects, be sure to post them on our Facebook page and show off your skills.


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