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4 Welding Projects to Spice Up Your Grilling Game

welded grill in use

It’s mid July and summer is in full swing which means that no matter where you live, it’s hot outside. When the thermostat rises outside, so does the temperature of your home, and the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven to roast potatoes or bake bread. Luckily, summer is the season for grilling, allowing you to take the heat outside and enjoy guests, sun and delicious food. From sweet farmer’s market fresh corn to mouth watering steaks cooked to the perfect pink, there is no substitute for summer food and fare.

Grill setup


The welding pros at Baker’s Gas and Welding have rounded up some of the web’s best grill related welding projects to enhance and streamline your deck, patio or wherever you show off your grill master skills.

Basic BBQ Welding Project

If you want to use your welding skills to up your grilling game, go straight to the source by welding your own, customized BBQ Grill. Start off by sketching a solid plan, and adding in the features and functions you want in your ideal grill. This will help you realize your plan and eliminate costly mistakes and bad cuts. Next, cut the tubing for your grill rack to your desired measurements and tack weld it together before welding it solidly into place with a cross weld.

Use a piece of metal sheeting to form the bottom part of the grill, bending and shaping it until it fits evenly along the bottom of your frame. Attach it to the base to contain your charcoal and catch stray ash. Next, add some square mesh on either end and finish by attaching the legs. Add a mesh tray in the middle to hold your charcoal, set your grill rack on top and you’re good to go!

Self Feeding Fire Pit Rack Welding Project

If roasting marshmallows over an open flame sounds like the perfect way to end an evening with friends, eliminate the need to feed your fire by making this self-feeding firewood rack. Start with a basic, welded metal fire pit and then attach a rectangular, self feeding rack to each side using square metal tubing. Space your rack according to the width of your fire pit, keeping your typical log size in mind. When you’re finished, load logs up on each side so when your roaring fire dies down, fresh wood drops in to keep it burning throughout the evening.

Self feeding fire welding project

Grilling Tool Rack Welding Project

Once you have a solid grill you love and some basic grilling knowledge, you have to create a customized space for the tools of the trade. Perfectly grilled burgers don’t happen by accident, and if it’s time to pull them off the fire, you don’t want to go searching for a spatula or tongs. Fabricate your own outdoor storage and hooks for your grilling tools.

Create hooks with metal tubing, bent silverware or fused bicycle chain and add a spot for paper towels to clean up as you go. If you don’t have far to go to grab what you need, you can pull off your food at the perfect moment.

Outdoor Griddle and Hibachi Welding Project

Amp up your grilling game by welding a griddle and hibachi for your patio or outdoor kitchen. This welding project will see you sautéing veggies and flipping pancakes outdoors, allowing you to soak up more summer sun.

Use smooth sheet metal for the sides and griddle base and the same sheeting to create a space to light a wood fire below your griddle top. Steel pipe is a great choice for legs to add sturdiness and stability, once you learn the art of cooking over a wood heated griddle, inside pancakes will never taste as good. Take a look at the video below for inspiration.

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