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4 Welding Projects To Deck Your Deck

Summer is here, even if the calendar doesn’t officially say so, and nothing says summer better than lounging around outside. Perhaps you have a poolside deck or a large front porch where you kick back and wait for the fireflies to come out for the evening. Great deck time requires comfortable seating, drink holders, fire pits and more. It’s not easy to unwind on hard concrete and nothing says summer like marshmallows over the fire.

Lucky for you, you can use your creativity and welding skills to outfit your back yard and deck for summer fun. Heck, your neighbors will probably be so jealous of your handiwork, that they’ll ask you to make them one. Soon you have a booming side business and a way to fund your welding habit. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, check out these 4 welding projects that will enhance your outdoor fun and relaxation all summer long.

Fire Pit Welding Project (Perfect for Novice Welders)

There is no end to the amazing fire pit welding project ideas available online, you can use simple found materials such as old washer drums or the tank head from an old compressed gas tank. Then, you can add a stand, legs or a swing away grill to customize your piece. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, try forming a square bowl from metal sheeting and then add legs and custom cut outs. Finish with heat resistant paint or leave it unfinished for a more rustic look.

Horseshoe Drink Holder Welding Project

Your creativity can run amok with this easy, practical welding project. Try your luck by using horseshoes to craft a drink holder that portable and easy to weld. Tack weld 4 horseshoes together to form the base. Then, cut metal tubing to your desired height and weld it to your base. To give your cold drink a home, use horseshoes at the top to keep your cold one from tipping over and a bit of smooth, metal sheeting to keep the bottom steady. 

Outdoor Bench Welding Project

Another project that is as versatile as it is practical is fabricating a bench. To start simple, use square tubing to create your base at 90° angles, making sure they are sturdy enough to support both the weight of your seat and your sitters. Create a slat up top where you can slide in a thick piece of wood or keep it all metal by spacing metal strips evenly across your base top. If you want to get even more rustic and creative, attach the metal from an old truck bed for a custom, country bench that is unique and useful.

Plant Stand Welding Project

Add some grace to your deck or patio by adding rustic or colorful enamel plant stands. Not only will this allow your flowers and herbs to get more light and drain properly, it will hone your welding skills as well. This is another great welding project where you can use cost effective, found materials, but to start simple, bend and weld metal tubing to fit your desired pot or planter and then get creative with scraps like nails and bicycle chains.  

Ed Cyzewski


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