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4 Welding Projects That Bring in Extra Cash

Whether welding is your primary profession or a side hobby, many welders are looking for a way to make a bit of extra cash through welding. As your welding skills grow so will your tool collection, enabling you to complete custom jobs and welding projects with ease and precision. Here are a few welding projects that will bring in extra cash that may even help you pick up new tools for your shop:

Stair & Railing Welding Projects

Outdoor metal fencing, deck rails and interior stair banisters are trendy, tough and easy to care for. If you can grow your skill in fabricating these custom pieces, you’ll have a booming side business before you know it. Most of these projects use wrought iron or steel tubing and can be customized and shaped into intricate designs or left simple and sleek.

Before you get started, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the the component pieces and safety regulations for stairs and railings. OSHA has different height requirements for railings depending on what the pieces is and how they will be used. Imagine fabricating an entire set of stair parts only to find that your work doesn’t meet code.   

Industrial or Modern Shelving & Furniture

One guaranteed way to make money welding is by using found materials such as bed frames, scrap steel, pipes and gears to weld custom industrial furniture and shelving. You can create custom pieces to order or create a range of shelves, tables and carts to sell at a farmer’s market or artisan show.

The modern industrial look is extremely popular in offices, homes and restaurants. If you can manage to create quality pieces in a good price range, you’ll be in the money in no time. 1” steel tubing is a popular material base for modern furniture pieces as are clean lines and angles. Stock up on clamps and right angle magnets to ensure you can easily weld these modern pieces.

Garage Racks & Benches

Custom welded garage benches and racks are durable and highly sought after. Craftsmen are looking for garage workspaces that are tough, able to hold up project after project. You can get started welding for garages by welding a basic tool bench out of â…› inch square tube steel with caster plates and wheels at the base, giving it portability around the shop.

Your top and bottom frames will be identical and well reinforced. You can add shelving to this project by using either a sheet or metal or plywood. Once you have this simple work table mastered, you can expand on it to create custom work spaces for clients, all while padding your bank account.

Car Ramps & Automotive Equipment

Gearheads and car enthusiasts are always in need of custom welded equipment like racks and ramps for automotive repair work and loading. If you can become an expert at fabricating or repairing customized ramps, you’ll have a side business that will quickly grow through word of mouth.

If you want to start simple, create some durable steel loading ramps using 3/16” angle iron in your desired dimensions. You’ll also need a metal chop saw or angle grinder with cutoff wheels, clamps and other basic welding tools for the project. If you’re using a MIG welder, stick with with .030-.035 steel wire to match the demands of the project. Once finished, paint the ramps in your desired color to protect it from the elements and make your ramp more visible when loading.

Stock Up On Welding Supplies To Jump Start Your Side Business!

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