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4 Fantastic Welding Projects For Fabulous, Last-Minute Gifts

4 Fantastic Welding Projects For Fabulous, Last-Minute Gifts

Christmas is coming, it’s practically here and with the 25th just days away it’s normal to find yourself scrambling to surprise your loved ones with meaningful, lasting gifts. Remember, nothing says you matter to me as clearly as a beautiful handmade gift. Tis certainly the season to head out to your workshop and put your welding skills to work as you check off your holiday gift giving list.

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We have scoured the web for welding project ideas that you can easily complete in time. Any of of these 4 welding projects will have you filling your Christmas tree with pride and stockings with confidence. They are sure leave your family feeling loved and more than a little impressed with your thoughtfulness and welding skills. 

Bike Chain KeyChain Welding Project

Bike chains are a versatile, found material that can be fabricated into a number of useful, attractive gifts. To keep it quick and simple this December, try shaping them into a key-chain in the shape of a monogram letter, or simple shape such as a heart. Be sure to create a hook to attach the key-chain portion to, which can be easily and affordably found at any local craft or hobby store.

Washer Sculpture Welding Project

Washers are another found material with which you can weld almost any shape or sculpture. Keeping your recipient in mind, create a small figure using nails, bolts and washers that will make thoughtful desk art or even a useful paper weight. Attach it to a flat, sturdy sheet of metal to ensure it stays stable and upright. For an even more useful gift, creative a second sculpture for a set of one of a kind bookends.

Silverware Art Welding Projects

When it comes to found materials for welding, silverware just might be king. It is as versatile as it is accessible and can be turned into beautiful, practical pieces for your holiday gifting. From wall and garden art to organizational hooks and jewelry, repurposed spoons, forks and knives can be welded into almost anything. To create a surprising gift idea, bend and weld forks to make a unique iPhone or business card holder that is sure to be the envy of their workplace.

Nail Dandelion Welding Project

Rusted, scrap nails have an industrial-chic look, especially when fabricated into artwork such as flowers. Welded flower art can be displayed from the garden to the coffee table and everywhere inbetween. Simply connect the nails at the tips and either leave rusted and raw or attach to a metal rod which you can stick in the ground. These can be left rustic or painted using bright enamel colors.

Handmade gifts are fantastic, because you get the opportunity to give a part of yourself to your loved ones through your hard work and creativity. These are gifts that are sure to be cherished, admired and appreciated for years to come.

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