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4 Easy, Handy Bookend Welding Projects

4 Easy, Handy Bookend Welding Projects

One of the easiest starter welding projects you can create is a set of bookends. They’re a simple, practical way to hone and sharpen your welding skills while unleashing your creativity. As a bonus, the materials are affordable so if you strike an arc and screw it up, starting over doesn’t break the bank. In fact, many of the best bookend welding projects are comprised of mainly found and salvaged materials.

Here are 4 Bookend Welding Projects to inspire you and get you started:

Vintage Industrial Pipe Bookend Welding Project

This project uses flat steel sheeting, socket weld fittings and 1¼ in pipe. Start by TIG welding your base at a 90 degree angle, you may want to use some magnetic holders for this and other bookend projects to secure your base while you tack it together. When it comes to attaching your pipe to the base, be sure to leave a 1/16 inch gap in your socket joints to avoid cracking. When you have the piece assembled, use a grinder to smooth your joints for a polished look.

Metal Gears Bookend Welding Project

These bookends use an arrangement of metal gears in different sizes. Be sure to get your gears in pairs so each bookend has a similar look. Once you are satisfied with your materials, attach them to your bookend base and add touches of color in the centers to complete the rustic look.

Simple Horseshoe Bookend Welding Project

Will the many uses for horseshoes and welding projects never cease? Probably not. But, if you want a simple, classic welding project that yields attractive bookends, horseshoes are the way to go. To create a set of your own, TIG weld a horseshoe to a sturdy piece of metal sheeting at a 90 degree angle. Alternatively, for a bookend that doesn’t slide under your books but supports your shelf when turned sideways, weld two shoes together. These look great painted or left raw for a rustic look.

Personalized Bookend Welding Project

The 90 degree metal base of your bookends is really just the foundation, where you take it from there can be as unique as the individual you have in mind. Here’s an idea: use aluminum to shape a bicycle, using one bookend as the front and the other as the rear or weld nails and nuts together to make an animal or human form. Or, large bolts and wrenches can be fused together to form monogram bookends and your next wedding gift is in the bag. Truly, there is no limit to the versatility of this starter project.

Remember, you want your bookends to be both attractive and functional, so be sure to use a balance of materials weighty enough to support a stack of books.

If you’re not looking for a beginning project, but a way to earn extra income with creative welding, bookend projects will serve you well. Their practicality ensures they sell at craft shows, home decor boutiques or online as they make great gifts for graduations and Father’s day not to mention your impossible to shop for brother-in-law.

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Ed Cyzewski


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