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3M Applies Science to Welding Safety with the G5-01 PAPRs

3M Applies Science to Welding Safety with the G5-01 PAPRs

The 3M Speedglas Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 with Adflo High-Altitude PAPR Assembly, 46-1101-30iVC & 46-1101-30i, offer several benefits for welders in high-demand environments. These two part numbers are the same helmet, but different ADFs which we will talk more about below.

Baker's Review Video

Check out our video where we go over our thoughts and some of the key features on these helmets! 

Enhanced Protection:

The G5-01 helmet provides comprehensive protection for the face, eyes, and neck during welding operations. It meets various safety standards and has excellent optical clarity in both the light and dark states. With a High-Efficiency particulate filter that can be stock onto the 3M Adflo filters, 

Variable Color Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF): 

46-1101-30iVC this ADF G5-01VC features a Variable Color capability, allowing welders to adjust the shade level of the filter according to their specific welding needs. This feature provides flexibility and adaptability to different welding applications, improving visibility and reducing eye strain. 

46-1101-30i: This part number does not have the Variable Color, it has a standard fixed shade Auto-Darkening Filter. Still have great clarity and the same amazing lung protection.

High-Altitude PAPR Assembly:

The 3M Adflo High-Altitude PAPR Assembly is specifically designed for high-altitude welding environments. It provides powered air respiratory protection, ensuring a continuous flow of clean air to the welder, even in challenging atmospheric conditions.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

G5-01 helmets have a comfortable and ergonomic design, with a low-profile shape that reduces strain on the head and neck. It offers a customizable fit and a range of adjustments to suit individual preferences, improving overall comfort during long welding sessions.

Durability and Longevity:

3M helmets are known through out the industry to be some of the more durable helmets made. The Heavy-Duty construction of the G5-01 helmet ensures its durability and longevity, even in harsh welding environments. It is built to withstand impact, heat, and sparks, providing reliable protection over an extended period. Meaning you do not have to replace your helmet often, which means you save money.

Integrated Features:

These G5-01 helmets also have integrated features such as side windows, which allow peripheral vision without having to lift the helmet. It also has a grinding mode, enabling easy transition between welding and grinding tasks without the need to remove the helmet. Features like these save on downtime and create more production. 

3M Speedglas G5-01 Heavy Duty PAPR Welding Helmet - 46-1101-30i


Alongside some of the best respiratory protection in the world, these helmets offer comfort, mobility and immense capability. Being able to function in high altitudes set these aside from other brands. This PAPR setup allows welders to move freely within their workspace without being tethered to fixed air hoses or relying on ambient air sources. Also meeting various safety standard and regulations, provides assurance that your lungs and eyes are getting the best protection possible! 

For more information about the G5 variable color 46-1101-30iVC or the G5 Fixed Shade 46-1101-30i. Feel free to drop a question or give us a call for more help. 

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