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3 Handy, Home Decor Welding Projects

3 Handy, Home Decor Welding Projects

The temperatures have risen and spring has officially arrived. This means it’s time for spring cleaning and organizing. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy home organization and decoration, as a welder, you have the ability to create custom pieces and modify dysfunctional spaces in a way that others cannot.

Keep reading for 3 home welding projects that will come in handy around the home and could make you some extra cash on the side.

Rebar Hairpin Leg Welding Project

If you’re looking for an easy, useful project, consider learning how to weld hairpin table legs. In case you’re not familiar, hairpin is a modern-style table leg made popular in mid-century decor that is currently trendy and in demand.

To get started, determine the height for your legs and cut and clean your metal pieces. Next, create a template for the bend of your legs using a piece of sheet metal, a spare piece of rebar, and piece of round metal tube.

Heat your rebar carefully before bending it around your jig into an even, hairpin curve. Once you’ve bent and shaped your pieces into uniform legs, weld 2 pieces of metal sheeting to a 90 degree angle to form the base plate of your legs. Finally, attach your legs to the base at roughly a 5 degree angle to give that classic hairpin bend.

Industrial Chain Lamp Welding Project

Lamps are a functional part of any room but also add beauty and style. This project is great for the beginning welder as it allows you to practice the basics. You’ll need a length of metal chain, a square piece of sheet metal for the base, a lighting kit, and a solid piece of wood to anchor your piece. Start by sketching out your lamp to determine height and dimensions. Do you want it to arch from the base or form a 90 degree angle at the top?

Now you’ll weld your chains together to form the arm of your lamp. If you want to paint it, now is the time. Next, cut your baseplate and grind the edges smooth before drilling 4 holes which you’ll use to attach the lamp to your wooden base. You’ll want sand and poly your wood at this point to give it a durable finish.

Finally, weld the arm of your lamp firmly to the base and drill your baseplate to the wood. Add the electrical components by threading the cord through the length of chain and securing the fixture in place.

Stainless Steel Washer Bowl Welding Project

This welded metal bowl makes a perfect centerpiece when filled with fresh apples or lemons. You’ll need to use an existing metal bowl as a template as you weld your bowl around it. Gather or purchase a large amount of stainless steel washers and begin at the top by welding 2 or 3 together.

Working from the top to the bottom, add washers as you go until your bowl is complete. Grind welds smooth and paint or leave raw for a rustic, industrial finish.

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