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2011 Welding Graduates: The New Face of the Welding Industry

Class of 2011

What does the welding industry have to look forward to? A great group of recent graduates! See their photos, learn about their education and training, and be prepared to welcome them to your shops.

Black Hawk College

Black Hawk College offers a 120-hour Production MIG Welding class. Only 20 hours are classroom, the rest of the time is hands-on. Students learn gases, symbols, blueprints, math, and safety. The program is instructor led and earns a certificate. Students should be considered ‚Äútrainable‚ÄĚ as a Production MIG Welder and seriously considered for employment opportunities. These classes graduated May 26, 2011.

Day Class 

Byron Carlson (Instructor), Zachary McCullough, Austin Hernandez, Jose Marquina, Samantha McAvoy Back Row: Tanner Wiegel, Tyler Wiegel, Vernon Reed, Wesley Jamieson, Alvin Haines

Night Class 

Byron Carlson (Instructor), Derick Andrew, Eric Broline, Jeffrey Holdsworth, Adolfo Deharo, Trenton Counts Back Row: James Oliver, Daniel Betcher, James Rogers, Damon Davis, Dayton Lenth, Jason Marberry

Paris Junior College

The Paris, Texas school offers an industry-driven curriculum. Welding skills and technical understanding are achieved to aid students in securing entry-level welding jobs. The focus is on basic welding principles, including hands on training in structural welding, pipe welding, oxyacetylene cutting, plasma arc cutting, air carbon cutting and gas tungsten arc welding. Students strive for ASME structural and pipe certifications. See the spring 2011 classes below.

Day Class

Brandon Beauford, Blake Goad, Nathan Toon, Silvestre Yanez, Justin Collins, Roger Clements, Kevin Ward, welding instructor; (second row) Kevin Clardy, Quinten Parten, Lucas Fields, Michael Brewer, Micahl Milton, Nick Leija, Jentry Jaggers, Ronnie Lane, Elz Moore, (third row) Chris Naylor, Darren Darnell, John Plemons, lab facilitator; Jake Jucha, Greg Moore, Charles Armstrong, Billy Clement, Bob Spurrier, and Cody Hallman.

Evening Class

Steven McKinney, Watson, Taylor Calooy, Jerry Ludlow, Octaviano Potter, Andrew Moseley; (second row) Staton McGowin, Acie Teague, Dakota Early, Collin Miller, Samual Sutton; (back) Steven Graham, Catherine Scholz, Kevin Thomas Sr., Joey Potter and James Herrman, and Clint Hutchins, welding instructor. Not shown are Robert Dupree, Randy West, John Winters, and Niles Hurst, Johnathan Smith, Roy Davis, Billy Munselle, and Michael Watson.

South Georgia Technical College

The mother/daughter duo graduating from SGTC’s welding and joining technology program has gained some recent publicity. The two women earned diplomas from the Crisp County Center. They are the first mother and daughter to graduate together. The diploma program, designed to prepare students for welding careers, is five quarters long. From there they take certification tests.

"SGTC welding and joining technology instructor Duane Register from the Americus campus is shown with the mother/daughter welding graduates, Elizabeth Anne Day and Kimberly Nicole Day. and Daniel H. Nelms Jr. and Daniel H. Nelms Sr., the son/father duo that also graduated together in June. Not shown is SGTC Crisp County Center welding and joining technology instructor Brenda Butler Gilliam."

Let's welcome these and all the recent welding graduates. Now you know the faces under the masks. And best wishes to grads in their job hunt.



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